Monday, 25 April 2016

When Victoria Wood's father wrote for Coronation Street

The very sad news about Victoria Wood's passing reached us last week and we blogged this as our tribute to her.

In Victoria Wood's obituary in the Guardian we learned that her father, Stanley Wood, wrote an episode of Coronation Street.   His episode aired in November 1972.

Corriepedia's entry for Corrie writer Stanley Wood is here.

With thanks to Corriepdia who tells us here at the Coronation Street Blog that Stanley Wood's sole episode of Corrie included such wonderful lines such as these:

"Only one thing would worry me if I was Rita. Where could I get a hat to put on that hair?"
(Elsie Howard)

"Next thing you know, it'll be drugs - LSD and cannibals."
(Hilda Ogden) 

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Cobblestone said...

Suddenly you can see where she got it from ... 😉

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