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Friday 8 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 8 April

Friday 8th April
SOPHIE AND KATE GROW CLOSER On Aidan’s orders, Kate reluctantly heads home to prepare for her hen night. A tearful Kate confesses to Caz she wants to postpone the wedding. Clearly angry, Caz wonders if her change of heart has something to do with Sophie. When Sophie overhears Michelle telling Liz that Kate has cancelled the hen night, she finds a distraught Kate in her flat and offers her a comforting hug. Upset, Caz tells Michelle and Aidan that Kate has cancelled their wedding and she’s convinced Sophie’s behind her decision. No longer able to mask their true feelings, Sophie and Kate kiss. Caz lets herself into the flat and is shocked at Kate’s betrayal.
TIM GROWS TIRED OF COMING SECOND TO SALLY’S CAREER Reminding Tim that they’ve an important dinner that evening with a fellow councillor, Sally orders him to be on his best behaviour.  Keen to avoid the dinner, Tim hides in the Rovers. Having given up on Tim, Sally meets up with Gerald and Anne for dinner in the bistro to discuss the proposed Freshco development.
TRACY TURNS POTWASHER Explaining that he’s short-staffed at the bistro, Robert wonders if Tracy might be willing to lend a hand. Tracy’s not keen but realising she needs to win Robert’s trust, offers to help out. When Robert says they’re short of a potwasher, Tracy buries her pride and gets stuck in.
ELSEWHERE Having just landed a new contract, Aidan’s upbeat and offers Eva her old job back. Eva accepts, thrilled. Liz is intrigued with Chris but denies he's her type. Chris calls in the Rovers for a drink and explains to Mary and Eva that if it hadn’t been for Sam’s music club, he’d never have met Amy’s beautiful mother Liz. Amused, Mary and Eva promise Liz her secret is safe with them. Mary offers Liz words of wisdom that maybe she should take up Chris's offer of a date as a change of her usual type of man might do her some good. Liz is thoughtful.​

Friday 8th April
SOPHIE’S HEARTBROKEN BY KATE’S DECISION Ordering Sophie to leave, Kate begs Caz’s forgiveness insisting the kiss meant nothing and Sophie came on to her. Kate pleads for a second chance but furious Caz tells her it’s over. At No.4, Sophie pours out her heart to Tim who advises her to give Kate a wide birth as she’s clearly confused. As Caz prepares to leave, Sophie approaches. Kate implores Caz not to go, insisting her kiss with Sophie was just a mistake. Sophie’s heartbroken.
SALLY STRUGGLES TO GET HER PRIORITIES RIGHT Sally shows off, making out Tim runs two businesses; one in transport and the other in glassware and Gerald and Anne are impressed. On Kevin’s advice, Tim heads off to the bistro to make amends with Sally. However, as he approaches Sally’s table, he’s hurt to hear her boasting about her successful husband and his charity work and beats a hasty retreat. Sally returns home and rails at Tim for letting her down. Tim hits back telling her he overheard her lies and clearly he’s not good enough for her and whilst she was out hobnobbing, he was comforting Sophie. Sally’s chastened.
LOVE IS IN THE AIR FOR LIZ As Chris and Liz enjoy a drink together and Liz is warming to him​.
Amy ​enters and is dragged aside by Liz. She persuades Amy to go along with her little white lie that she is Amy's mum but Amy lightly blackmails Liz for money to keep quiet.​ Liz quietly fumes whilst Chris remains oblivious.
ELSEWHERE Aidan confides in Michelle that perhaps Kate’s right to call off her wedding as long distance relationships rarely work. Michelle thinks sadly of her own situation. Robert finds Tracy in the kitchen elbow deep in soap suds. He thanks her and they kiss.

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Anonymous said...

Even more chance encounters and people overhearing things. The scriptwriters really have given up.

Anonymous said...

I watched Wednesday's episode and if I was Caz on the outside looking in on Kate I would NOT jump to the conclusion that Caz did. When Katphie (still working on a name for them) left the garage they were so non-chalant, not all over each other. So honestly I know WE know that Sophie has a thing for Kate (and possibly vice versa) but from those scenes where was Caz seeing it?
Another thing, I thought from recent spoilers
*spoiler alert*
Caz was supposed to become abusive toward Kate, when is that going to happen and how will that coincide with Sophie aka Brooke Vincent leaving in the fall (right?)
My scenario is this, the kiss happens but Kate decides to stay with Caz. Sophie can't watch so she decides to take a long holiday perhaps to visit Rosie in London. While she is away Caz gets abusive with Kate and when Sophie comes back she thinks that Kate and Caz have married but Tim breaks the news that the opposite happened and that Kate finally ended it once Caz turned abusive. So Sophie immediately goes to find Kate and Kate apologizes for pushing Sophie away in favour of Caz and Sophie says all is forgiven. They rebuild their friendship before starting a relationship.
Anyway, if Caz does indeed turn violent wouldn't this just be a Tyrone, Kirsty, Fiz story played out all over again?

Anonymous said...

I follow your thinking - the only difference is that I feel Sophie will take her long holiday after the Kate/Caz situation is resolved to let them both clear their heads.


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