Friday, 15 April 2016

Cherylee Houston launching theatre project for disabled youngsters

Cherylee Houston, who plays Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street, is launching a theatre project for disabled youngsters.

The Manchester Evening News reports that Cherylee is aiming to set up a disabled youth theatre group for youngsters to ensure that drama is accessible to all and help youngsters with disabilities to fulfil their potential.

The pioneering actress and a group of like-minded artists are launching the group at the Royal Exchange Theatre in answer to government cuts which they are concerned have left many disabled people feeling like ‘prisoners in their own homes’.

They are reaching out to businesses in Manchester to help provide funding for the project.

Cherylee, who made history by becoming Coronation Street’s first disabled actress, said: “Young people in Manchester with high support needs are no longer entitled to full time care. Unless you are a danger to yourself you are only entitled to help with washing, dressing, a ready meal and being put back to bed at a time assigned by the council.

“This means all over Manchester disabled people and disabled young people have become prisoners in their own homes, with no care provision for food shopping, clothes washing let alone help outside the house.

“In many cases young people have lost their access to education, work and a social life. Throughout Manchester there are disabled people who are prisoners in their own homes because all the access that has been implemented over the years has been taken away by this government.”

The group called Triple C - The Creative Confidence Collective – has the motto ‘To Never Leave Anyone Behind’.

Anyone interested in joining or supporting the theatre group should email

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Anonymous said...

"youngsters" - is that a granny term for "youths"?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Depends where you live. Round here, the term 'youths' means young disaffected males acting in a suspicious manner. At least, the blog didn't say 'young*er* people' or (heaven forbid) 'kids'. Strangely, kids can say 'kids' but old*er* people can't. If we can say 'oldies', perhaps we can say 'youngies'.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Depends where you live. Round here, the term 'youths' means young disaffected males acting in a suspicious manner. At least, the blog didn't say 'young*er* people' or (heaven forbid) 'kids'. Strangely, kids can say 'kids' but old*er* people can't. If we can say 'oldies', perhaps we can say 'youngies'.

Anonymous said...

Good for Cherylee.

Anonymous said...

Yet her character on the show is being rebellious to the law....and putting her loved ones in danger as well. One: Gary could go to jail and lose his share in the gym. Two: little Jake could end up losing one or both parents or worse - get a hold of the drugs.
The cannabis may be a temporary solution to the pain....but how long before Izzy is addicted....or is she already? Her actions are those of an addict.
I think the actress should be concerned how her character is being portrayed if she wishes to be a role model.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, anon 14:58. We have medical marijuana in B.C., and I can tell you, it is NOT an issue, and in fact, is a much better solution than pills for many people. And alcohol, as we have seen via Peter and Carla, should be a much bigger concern. Would you like to close the Rovers?

Anonymous said...


Louby said...

Regardless of the current storyline, which I'm not that keen on btw, what she is doing here is a good thing. I've seen Cherylee on channel 4 news discussing cuts to services, she is a good voice for many disabled people who go unheard.

Anonymous said...

Good for Cherylee. Shame on Manchester Council! Talk about false economies!

Anonymous 14:58, & 21:01,
It's only illegal because people have been fed inaccurate misinformation for years. Cannabis, (or marijuana, pot, weed) has been demonstrated to be no more physically addictive than coffee, and much less addictive than cigarettes. It also has many proven medicinal benefits for a variety of illnesses and conditions.
Izzy is not displaying addiction to cannabis. She's showing a strong need for pain relief, (since the symptoms of her condition have worsened) which the THC in the cannabis relieves. The negative brainwashing about this particular drug, which we've been subjected to for the last 60 or 70 years, is at last being exposed for the fraud that it was, and is being replaced by more accurate research evidence. There are many, many dangerous drugs available these days. Marijuana is not one of them.

Flo said...

I find it interesting that just because it is illegal, that makes Izzy a bad person in the eyes of some. Yet Carla can drink herself into oblivion and people will feel bad for her because of "all she's been through". Alcohol can cause health issues and yet no one thinks of it as bad because governments have figured out ways to make money off it. Carla was permitted to drown her emotional pain in drink, but Izzy isn't allowed the same privilege for chronic pain simply because her choice of "cure" isn't legal?

Oh, and turn the caps lock off. None of us enjoys being shouted at. We get it, even if your point is moot.

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