Monday, 25 April 2016

Top 10 Steve McDonald gurns in Coronation Street

Remember when Steve McDonald used to gurn? Yup, so do we.  In fact, we celebrated the Stevie McGurn with our Steve McDonald Gurn of the Week blog post.

Fans from all over the world used to send in their gurns, screen-captured while watching Coronation Street.

Gurning isn't something that Steve does a lot of these days, so I thought it'd be good to pull up from the archives my top ten favourite Steve McDonald gurns of the week. 

Hope you enjoy looking at them all too!

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abbyk said...

I miss Stevie Mac, but not the gurns. They always seemed out of place and inappropriate, an immature response to a situation. They're a cream pie to the face standing in for well planned, screw tightening, sharply written comedic acting.

stepping off soapbox

Anonymous said...

The gurns never did a thing for me either. This actor and character are both capable of plenty of comedy without them.

C in Canada said...

I love "Stevie Mac's" gurns! I'm in complete disagreement with both posters above. They always lighten up a scene and give me a laugh, since I know in similar situations I want to pull such faces! lol

Unknown said...

As a girl from California who loves Corrie and loves Steve, I just want to know what the hell a gurn is. My guess would be that it's a pouty face?

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