Friday, 1 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 1 April

Friday 1st April
MICHELLE AND WILL GROW CLOSER Following a phone call from Steve, Michelle complains to Liz that whilst he’s living it up in Spain she’s left running three businesses. Amy confides in Ken she feels abandoned by her Dad and worries that he’ll never come home. Dressed up to the nines, Michelle sets off with Will for a tasting session at the bistro. Having found out from Sean that they used to be an item, Liz is deeply concerned. In the bistro, Michelle and Will chat about old times and it’s clear Will has little interest in sampling wedding food. Michelle breaks down in tears and admits to Will how much she’s missing Steve.
THE PRESSURE BUILDS ON SARAH As Sarah packs up Harry’s things, she confides in Bethany that she’s worried about him and thinks it’s too early to send him home. Back at the Platts Sarah fusses over Harry, convinced he’s gone a funny colour. Ken calls in to see the baby but when Audrey suggests he might like a hold, Sarah becomes over protective.
IZZY CLUTCHES AT STRAWS Izzy’s relieved to be reunited with Jake and promises Anna she won’t take any more cannabis and will talk to the doctor about pain relief. But after a trip to the doctors Izzy’s disheartened, explaining to Gary that they refused to prescribe her with the spray she needs.
ELSEWHERE Sharif’s shocked when an Environmental Health Officer calls at No.6 and demands to inspect the chicken coop. Realising Sally was behind the visit, Yasmeen vows revenge. Kate tries on her wedding dress in front of Sophie. It’s evident Sophie’s smitten whilst Kate remains oblivious.

Friday 1st April
SPARKS FLY WITH MICHELLE’S OLD FLAME Michelle unburdens herself to Will, explaining how Steve suffered from depression and went to Spain to recuperate but now he’s having a blast and she’s left juggling three businesses. Will confides in Michelle how he reckons his fiancĂ©, Saskia, is too good for him. Michelle’s adamant that Saskia’s a lucky woman. Left in charge of the Rovers bar, Erica’s suddenly inundated when a group of stags descends on the pub. Having taken an SOS call from Erica, Michelle hurries back to the Rovers to help out.  Will insists on mucking in and later they have a drink. A suspicious Liz confronts Michelle and asks her outright if she’s having an affair with Will.
SARAH STRUGGLES TO KEEP IT TOGETHER As new baby Harry sleeps peacefully, Sarah watches him intently, the picture of concern.
KATE’S COLD FEET ARE WARMED BY SOPHIE Kate admits to Sophie how she has nightmares about the wedding and wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Sophie assures her it’s just nerves. When Caz calls Kate from Cyprus, she’s put out to realise Kate is with Sophie and that she’s seen Kate’s wedding dress.
ELSEWHERE Worried at the extent of Izzy’s pain, Gary offers to score her some more dope but Izzy refuses, scared that she could lose Jake. Izzy’s touched when Gary offers to move in and look after her but she insists she must cope alone. Yasmeen and Sharif relish telling Sally how their chicken coop passed the environmental inspection with flying colours.

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Zagg said...

Ugh...more cheating stories? This guy Will is getting married but is so blown away by the wonder of Michelle that he immediately starts the ball rolling in her direction? And why make Steve out to be such an insensitive jerk? People love Steve. His character does not deserve this bad PR.
And Sophie.....please. How many relationships is she going to ruin with her selfishness? She destroyed her own wedding to Sian by kissing Amber. Now she will surely destroy Kate's relationship with Caz. What happened to her Christian values? They have really turned her into an unpleasant, selfish character. Yet they try to make the viewers somehow sympathetic to poor Sophie and her failed love life. If she wasn't such a home wrecker maybe she would deserve some sympathy.....but that is not the case.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Don't worry, Zagg, Michelle's storyline is just a plot device get Steve back on track. Invent a love rival, Liz gets suspicious and phones Steve to get him home asap, rival leaves never to be heard of again. Back to where we were before Steve left. As for Sophie, this development has been signalled from the moment we heard that Kate was a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I hope you're right as someone who claims she's busy 'running three businesses' while Steve is supposedly 'living it up',Michelle certainly has plenty of time to spend with Will while leaving the staff in the lurch again just as she did with Hamish during Kirk and Beth's wedding reception and left Steve alone to deal with the reception after Hayley's funeral.
I would love it if Will's fiancée Saskia finds out what's going on and sues Michelle for alienation of affection or maybe fraud?I don't reminising about old times is in the job description for a wedding planner.

Anonymous said...

Oops>I mean to say I don't think remisnising about old times is in the job description for a wedding planner.

Anonymous said...

Well, the only good thing I can honestly say about tonight's episode was Kylie claiming that Harry Platt sounded like a bookie, and then later in the evening talking with Freddie in the Rovers. The rest was yuck.

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