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Saturday 9 April 2016

Corrie weekly update - Big fibs in the Bistro and Battersby's back

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Jealous Tracy finds Robert talking to Carla in the Bistro, helping her plan her wedding. So incensed is Tracy that she tells Robert she knows about him sleeping with Carla. “He was on a break!” we shouted at the telly but Tracy didn’t seem to hear.  Robert finishes with her and in the next episode they’re back together and Tracy’s washing pots in the Bistro kitchen.  She tells Robert she might be pregnant, but sadly for Tracy - and relief for the rest of us - the test shows otherwise.

Sally’s not happy about mending fences with Sharif and Yasmeen after hens from next door come to roost and lay eggs on Sally’s lawn. She leaves Tim to deal with things. “I’m off to bottom my tall boy!”  There’s a wonderful scene between Sally and Tim late in the week. It happens after Tim cooks Sally a roast chicken dinner and she misses it, preferring instead to stay on at the council for a meeting of the drains committee.  Well, you can see where Sally’s priorities now lie.  Tim’s upset and does a bit of sulking, realising he’s second to the council in Sally’s list of things to do.  And so, when Sally wants Tim at her side at a dinner meeting in the Bistro with a couple of councillors, he’s nowhere to be seen.  

Sally reckons he’s giving her the elbow after she missed his roast chicken dinner, but it’s much more than that. Tim does turn up for the dinner, he does arrive at the Bistro. And he stands gobsmacked, listening to Sally talking about him to her councillor friends. It’s all Timothy-this and Timothy-that. “Timothy runs two businesses.” “Timothy’s into antique glass and transport”, says Sally, lying through her teeth to make Tim sound like her ideal man, instead of the man she married.  Back at the house later, Tim comes clean to Sally and tells her he heard every word she said. He reminds her that on their wedding day, Sally vowed not to change him, ever, and now she’s forgotten her own words.  He slips away to the Rovers in a bad mood as Sally stays home and thinks on. 

Tim continues to show his sensitive side this week as he consoles Sophie. She ends up snogging Kate who’s confused as to whether she wants to marry Caz.  Caz isn’t best pleased to turn up to find Kate and Sophie close and drives off in a cab after a few tears. If you’re enjoying or care about this storyline, then you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

Liz has her head turned by a fella called Chris who she bumps into at Amy’s music lesson. There’s only one problem, he thinks she’s Amy’s mum, not her grandma, and Liz is far too vain to correct him. He’s a nice looking fella is Chris, a rather handsome silver fox.

Over at Underworld, Aidan gives Eva her job back after the factory secures a big order.

And in other news this week, Leanne tells Carla she’s gone back to her old surname of Battersby.   This way trouble lies…

And that’s just about that for this week.

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