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Monday 18 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 18 April

Monday 18th April
IT’S A BAPTISM OF FIRE FOR BABY HARRY As Sarah prepares for the christening, she tells Harry that today they can finally say goodbye to the devil. Kylie’s concerned, thinking Sarah sounds a little crazy. When Nick snaps at Sarah, and belittles Harry’s christening, David’s puzzled at Nick’s uncharacteristic tone. As the congregation enter the church, Kylie confides in David that she’s worried Sarah’s built the whole thing up in her head as a kind of exorcism. As the godparents gather round the font, Harry screams in Sarah’s arms. Thrusting baby Harry at Nick, Sarah runs from the church.
IZZY AND GARY FACE A BACKLASH When Gary arrives for work, Sharif makes it clear he’s not welcome but reminding Sharif that he’s a partner in the business, Gary refuses to leave. Johnny explains to Izzy that for safety reasons, he can’t allow someone on dope to operate a machine. Izzy assures him she only uses weed for pain relief. Gary accuses Sharif of using Izzy’s situation to try to take back his share of the business.
GAIL’S UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY When Gail opens a birthday card from Martin, David, Kylie and Sarah realise with horror they’ve forgotten her birthday. When Nick realises it’s Gail’s birthday and he’d completely forgotten, he’s worried by his lapse in memory.
ELSEWHERE Maria suggests to Luke that now they’re engaged, he should move in with her. Luke’s thrilled. Chris calls in the pub with his son Sam and Liz is delighted to see him.

Monday 18th April
BILLY PUTS SARAH’S MIND AT EASE Billy comforts Sarah in the vestry and assures her that Harry is a beautiful baby and she mustn’t let thoughts of hIs father spoil that. Sarah returns to the font and after apologising to the congregation for her wobble, the christening goes ahead. The guests gather at the bistro for Harry and Gail’s joint christening and birthday party. When Nick loses his temper over something small, David covers for him.  Sally presents Gail with a birthday cake emblazoned with the words ‘Gail no nuts’ and Audrey makes a touching speech. Nick confides in David that the symptoms from his brain injury have returned and he’s worried it could destroy his relationship with Carla.
JENNY SPEAKS UP FOR IZZY Jenny puts in a good word for Izzy and begs Johnny to be lenient with her as she suffers from such a painful condition. Izzy assures Johnny she never takes drugs before or at work and has no criminal convictions.  Johnny promises her that her job is safe.  Izzy shares her good news with Gary.
MICHELLE AND WILL HAVE A VISIT TO MAKE Will calls at the Rovers and after explaining that Saskia has invited another 50 guests to the wedding, persuades Michelle to accompany him to the reception venue to discuss it with the manager.
ELSEWHERE Freddie amuses Audrey with his dry sense of humour whilst Ken finds him increasingly annoying. Kate confides in Sophie how much she misses Caz.  Sophie’s disappointed to realise Kate’s clearly still in love with her. Luke and Maria break the news to Tyrone and Fiz that they’ll be moving in together. 

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abbyk said...

Who adds 50 wedding guests at the last minute? 2 is a squeeze, 50 is a different venue. There's a website called Cakefail which must be the source for Gail's disasterette. Where do they get the rest of these daft ideas? Izzys stash?

Speaking of, no, absolutely not, she should be no where near machinery. Its no different than if she were on any legit extreme pain killers, except Johnnie isn't firing her on the spot. It's an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. If she had to retrain for some other work, that happens and should be enough of a story. What about book keeper, the street needs one. She could probably make more money than she is now, work from home, reduce stress,... I'll stop driving the truck thru the holes now.

abbyk said...

Its actually Cake Wrecks.

Tvor said...

I think it's time for Izzy to go on a disability pension.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why wasn't Sean,her 'assitant'going with Michelle as well?Ridiculous ploy to justify Michelle to uncross her arms,dress to impress and spend time with her client's fiancée who's an ex!
Unfortunately,we all know where this is leading.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand the storyline about Izzy. She was injured when the immigrant girl tipper over at work. She should be on worker's compensation, and have seen a doctor! If she is in such pain, why are they not taking her to the doctor to be treated? I'm not against medical marijuana, but they skipped a bunch of steps!

Dime said...

Nick looked very wrinkly and old today.

CK said...

I seem to remember Anna drinking a whole bottle of wine just to get drunk when she was having to put up with Phelan. In fact she gets tipsy quite a lot as does the majority of the street. However they are almost all against medicinal marijuana? Yeah... okay.

Flo said...

My thoughts exactly Christine. Carla has done her fair share of drinking away the pain as well...

C in Canada said...

I'm agreed with all of the above. Izzy did mention that the drugs the doctor prescribed made her worse, but if she's really doing that badly then something more needs to be done.
Yes, everyone on the street drinks their fair share, especially when stressed out (and none of them have the medical issues Izzy does), but Anna becomes the shrew over medical weed...good point Christine!

Sophie Bird said...

Why was Ken cross that he'd missed out on the tuna vol au vents? I thought he was vegetarian.

Flo said...

I think that there are too many people who do not fully understand Ehler-Danlos Syndrome which is what Izzy (and Cherylee Houston) has. I know someone who suffers from it, and it is awful. As far as her injury at work--while it happened because she was knocked over, dislocations are VERY common amongst those who have EDS, even from a minor event. My friend has had to wear braces on her legs for many years and has had countless dislocated knees because of it, many from simple mishaps. The pain can be minor some days and bad others. As far as medications, it's not a cut and dry situation as the disease causes many other health problems besides the joint issues. Some people who have it can function well for many years (as my friend did) before it takes over and makes day to day functioning incredibly painful. She has unfortunately reached this point and is now facing heart surgery as the form of it she has also has destroyed muscle tissue in her heart. She is now in a wheelchair. Treatment is not a cut and dry kind of thing, no cookie-cutter treatment for it. Medicines are hit and miss, as long as they don't cause other problems. And to those who think that we should see Izzy go to the doctor--it's only a half an hour show, realistically if we saw that, it would be every single episode.

Beth said...

Can someone remind me what Nick was diagnosed with. I know they keep saying 'his brain injury' but out of interest what is it? I find it odd that it comes and goes like it does and he doesn't get regular medical treatment and check ups. Or is it a made up thing that is brought up to use conveniently in the plot?


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