Sunday, 13 August 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Aug. 7 - 11

Competition award: Gail's only narked because she wanted to win the Coronation Street Wedding Sweepstakes.

Time Lord award: Will managed to drug, tie up and put Michelle in the boot of her car just after Michelle dropped he and Maria off for a meal in town. How did he manage that? She'd only just ordered that one drink she had when it was drugged. She couldn't have nursed it *that* long. He must have had a TARDIS to move around his own timeline to accomplish that.

Plot Hole fail: Michelle's in the boot of a car in a city centre parking garage and making lots of noise most of the night. No cars around. No people around. I've been in Manchester carparks like that and they're jam packed all the time not to mention the CCTV all over the place. And how come someone was able to open the boot without a key so easily?

The Fourth Wall award: Knowing Will is the bad guy is going to make us watch all his smarmy moves while heavy duty cringing and very loudly shouting "You Ratbag" at the screen, isn't it?

Musical ambiance: "Living on a Prayer" on the radio at the building site when Gary is sacked. "What's Love Got To Do With It" while Liz and Steve were discussing the lack of chemistry between he and Leanne.

Tangled Web award: Eva's really getting in deep with all these lies.

Lines of the week:
Steve to Liz "I think I might be engaged to her"
Leanne "I think I might be engaged to Steve McDonald"
Todd to Rosie "You have many qualities but you have zero experience" (Oh yes, she does. She was Carla's PA.)
Yasmeen "Men want to be needed. Which can be very irritating if you're a strong woman"
Tracy to Steve "If you want to marry Leanne, marry Leanne. I want you to be happy. And if Leanne Battersby with her skinny legs and less-than-C-cup breasts makes you happy, I say go for it"
Eva to Leanne "We've all done stuff with beer goggles on we wouldn't do when we're sober"
Tracy "You were drunk last time and you were trying to stick one to Michelle by sticking one to Leanne"
Todd about "Elle Woods" "That's where I've heard the name before. Legally Blonde, or in your case, Illegally Blonde."
Todd "We need a PA not a PI"
Steve to Liz "I wish you'd stop casting aspersions on my manhood!"
Tracy to Steve "Do you want me to include a sick bucket with your bouquet or are you going to provide your own?"
Toyah about a fake scan on the front of the fridge "I couldn't be doing with a random womb in me face every time I wanted milk"
Leanne "Good luck? She's about to show a stranger's fetus to a fiance she hates. She's not going on a school sports day!"
Mary to Tracy "Pornographic messages in our bouquets??!! What's next? Tarantulas?" (Tracy looks as if that's not a bad idea)
Steve "What kind of woman wants a bloke who's funny?" Leanne "Every single one of us" (true, that!)

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Tilly Flop said...

Further musical ambience award. I'm not in love by 10CC playing whilst Steve was trying to woo Leanne with a night of passion. I am really loving these musical soundbites in Corrie atm. They're spot on

Louby said...

I'd have to add Mary's line, "I don't even know what part of the body that is!!!"

Some exceptionally funny lines in Friday's episodes. I'm really enjoying Corrie humour at the moment.

Susan Shaffer said...

I agree about the Plot Hole Fail because I honestly thought (watching online) that there was some kind of glitch, I thought "What just happened?". I thought I must've missed something.

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