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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th August

Hello and welcome to a bank holiday bonanza of Corrie episodes.

Gail has washed her hands of David (and Shona) so instead she's trying to interfere in Sarah's life, trying to attend the parental support group that Sarah is going to. She has other things on her mind, namely our Gary, who hasn't phoned her from his gig guarding Kiev's top gangsters. He does turn up to the support group and only grimaces slightly when Sarah hugs him hello. She talks about how she feels she contributed to Bethany's being groomed and that she should've provided a better home environment for her daughter. Gary tells her, and the group, that she's too hard on herself and she could never let down her children. And so they're back together for the 15th? 16th? time, but it might be all off again since Gazza agrees to go back to Ukraine. Sarah however, agrees to his new assignment, but after being super soaked by Max, Gary lifts his top to reveal killer abs painful cuts and bruises.

Speaking of Shona, (yes, we were), she talks with Todd about the bank account (and the terms and conditions of it) that she wants to set up for Clayton when he's released from chokey. She wants to invest the whole scratchcard winnings (minus Todd's fee? No?). Later, she goes over chez Platt for a (paddling) pool party and even Gail raises a smile when she, Shona, pushes David in the pool. There are echoes of Kylie in her irreverent ways - and her care of little Lily.

Strange men keep turning up to the kebab shop to insult Gemma, which she finds out is due to a fake dating profile set up by Skanky Spice and Chunky Spice. Norris eschews his usual role as gossip and trouble maker to become a facilitator and, after he finds out that Gem dobbed in Skanks and Chunks to the po-po, tries to get Rita to build bridges with Gem. Rita asks Rosie to do some pro bono work and, donning some glasses, she threatens the two girls, accusing them of cyber-terrorism and makes them apologise/grovel to Gemma and promise to leave her alone. Rosie 'n' Gemma make a great double act and I hope we see them on a night out together soon - they're more fun than dreary Kate and Little Miss Perfect Alya. Oh, and Gemma's back i) on bridesmaid duty and ii) in the flat. All would seem well, until it turns out that Rita set the washing machine going without any clothes in it, something she skates over, pretending the machine is broken.

Sal finds Gina's nicknacks at Dev's (what are they doing there? Did I miss something?) and chews out her sister, to Gina's anger. She however gets some good news as Dev offers her some shifts in the shop, which Gina reads as Dev fancying her. She borrows Sally's laptop to putatively sells her figurines on ebay, but checks out a loan company instead, using Sally as a guarantor.

Will's still hanging round like a bad smell, witnessing a newspaper review in which Robert is referred to as Nick, so he and 'Chelle talk about a name change and revamp (Robert's Refectory?). Will, who has nothing better to do than stalk Michelle, offers to design the refurb. Wasn't Robert stuck for cash last week? Anyway, Robert gets a court date and so rainchecks the revamp. Will's not bothered though, he's busying sniffing Michelle's scarf. What's his end game here? Michelle just seems irritated by his presence. If she's not interested, is his plan going to take a nasty(er) turn? I wish he'd get on with it as his Creepy Clark Kent impression is starting to annoy me.

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C in Canada said...

Clark Kent impression - aptly put!

I wonder what his endgame is too, since if he's angry about her not going through with things before when she was with Steve, then why didn't he act on it then? Why now?

New revamp...Robert's Restaurant is too obv, Rob's (whatever) sounds too much like Roy's, so he may have to go with something completely different. Just please don't name it after Michelle!

coconno196 said...

I know Gary's highly dangerous job is well paid, but surely not enough to pay off his £10,000 debt to Don in a couple of days??

Anonymous said...

Whatever Will does to Michelle won't be enough if we are still stuck with her on the show.

Anonymous said...

Michelle irritated by Will's presence?She encouraged Maria to date him and cried on his shoulders twice,first about Steve then Robert.
I'm sorry but whatever Will's plans are,Michelle has herself to blame with her games of attention.
Now that Sarah admits she is responsible for Bethany going off the rails,perhaps she will put her children first?

Nina said...

I thought Rosie was great, really warming to this character now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the Shona and David pairing is just so wrong, unbelievable, odd, totally unlikely. She speaks to him like he is her son. And she looks like she could be his mother.

Flo said...

I too would love to see more of Gemma and Rosie together.

Is anyone else tired of Gina? I just don't see the point of this character, she's just annoying.


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