Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Leon Ockenden reveals Will's stunt-filled Corrie exit

Leon Ockenden, who plays evil Will Chatterton in Coronation Street, is interviewed in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

He talks about his current storyline which sees Will wheedling his way into Michelle's affections. Whether Michelle will allow herself to be manipulated by him is another matter, of course.

He says that the storyline is going to get very dark we'll see the climax of the story in a special location - Will's house.

"Will's house is even more impressive than the last one - there's a swimming pool in the basement. Everything will come to a head there and I've been able to fulfil some childhood dreams of doing action fantasy sequences and stunts. There's no coming back from this for Will - but I don't want to be James Bond. I want to be the villain! It's more fun to play."

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Tvor said...

The fact that they mention the pool clearly seems to indicate someone's going to drown and that someone is going to be Will if there's "no coming back from this"

Susan Shaffer said...

I took it the same way as you Tvor, no coming back from this means he's gonna die, probably in that pool!

Stephen Feldman said...

The question is, at whose hands and what are the repercussions of this?

Where's Emily?? said...

....and not a moment too soon either! I have disliked this storyline from the "getgo". Will and his Clark Kent look, not too mention the glaring camera shots of Will trying to convey his evilness to the viewers, as if we are too stupid to figure out that he's a schmuck.

Who wrote this fiasco? Sorry KO but you've made a mess of Corrie lately. Darker, edgier, and just like every other soap..looking for the big ratings hike.
Corrie's more of a marathoner than a sprinter.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Oh I couldn't agree more Where's Emily?? - I've watched Corrie since it started and once upon a time our whole household stopped for it. Now I very often don't watch it "live", can't be bothered, some of the storylines are so ridiculous. I'll catch up with it when I have spare time.

As far as Will is concerned, hopefully he will drown in the pool at the hands of Michelle and Robert jointly, so that they will both go down for life and we won't have to see either of them again!

J said...

Why is this actor being treated like a major character? He is barely a guest star.

Flo said...

I'll be glad to see the back of him, I don't really care how he dies. Just get him off the screen. One of the worst storylines the writers have come up with in a long time and has absolutely no point to it. Ugh.

Robin said...

It also seems unrealistic for the character. Since when was he so creepy? If he was so obsessed with Michelle why didn't he do this when she went back to Steve? Poor storyline and poor acting.

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