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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Coronation Street Blog weekly awards for Aug. 14 - 18

Power Twist award: Boy, ITV kept that secret well. Andy's alive and Phelan's been keeping him prisoner!!

Secret Code award: Loved the Cabdrivers' code! "Out of jammy dodgers" means delay the journey! I wonder how many other catch phrases they've got worked out!

Flip Flop award: Sarah and Gary are finished again.

Musical ambiance: In the pub, at the gathering of the Connor clan, Eva feeling guilty to "The Crying Game" (with the first line about a Lying game). "That's just the way it is" in the pub when Gary says goodbye to Sarah.

Inconsistency award: Connors celebrate Mama's birthday on a Monday episode but Aidan bought flowers for his mother's grave on her birthday on Friday's ep. Adam kept referring to a hard drive from the computer and I couldn't fathom Eva being able to uninstall one nor the factory folks not noticing it was gone but when she was hiding under the desk, what she had seems to be one of those portable external drives.

Rude Boy award: There's really no need for Chesney to be so rude to Cathy or Gemma.

Nod to the past: Rita said she wasn't quite ready for the knackers' yard yet. That harkens back to a line said by Elsie Tanner on the very first episode. Only Elsie thought she looked ready for the knackers' yard as she checked her face in the mirror.

Lines of the week:
Sally about Jenny "Got a mouth like a great white shark"
Kirk to Jenny "Eva's ManU and you're Weathy County!" (that is, premier league vs the Sunday league!)
Eva "Five weeks til D-Day"
Gemma "A double wedding! I'm gonna have to be twice as hot!"
Norris to Sean "You're not the one that's going to be falsley plighting your trough"
Johnny "Thank goodness you only get wed half a dozen times in your life"
Todd "You can get results by playing nice" Phelan "And if that doesn't work, play dirty" (doesn't he just!) Todd "There's actually a decent man underneath" (Oh, no there's not!)

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coconno196 said...

Think you mean "plighting your troth" - wretched auto-correct 😀

Anonymous said...

What about Me? award to Izzy,I find it odd that Gary took the time to tell his ex Alya and now Sarah he was leaving for dangerous work n the Ukraine but couldn't be bothered to talk to Izzy the mother of his son Jake in person first?To add insult to injury she'll get a letter from ALYA,the lady Gary dumped her for.

popcorn said...

Gosh, did Norris really utter the words "plighting your trough"? I can't imagine Norris not knowing the word "troth", as he is usually such a stickler for correctness. Was he trying to make a joke? (again, not like Norris to joke). I'm a Canadian viewer, so haven't had the chance to see this episode yet - will watch for it!

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Chesney but extreme anxiety is often expressed as anger or hostility. That might explain his behaviour towards Cathy and Gemma.


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