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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Consumed by Coronation Street

We're all excited for the impending sixth episode of Coronation Street later in the Autumn, not only because it'll bring more action, characters and storylines but also because there's to be an exciting set expansion alongside it. The last time we were given the opportunity to see more of Weatherfield was back in 1999 - the year of my birth, when us viewers saw the exterior of Victoria Street for the first time. Given I was yet to be born I don't know how Corrie watchers of the time felt about this new addition but I for one am very excited to see what the next few months brings in terms of businesses, houses and other recreational areas such as a small park which has been teased by Kate Oates.

The exploits of Hilda Ogden amazed viewers for 23 years
Anyway, onto the main point of my blog. This sixth episode will bring a whole extra half an hour a week of Coronation Street to us and whilst that doesn't seem a lot per week, in the long run we'll be spending a whole lot more time watching our favourite soap.

Over the past year, not including extended or extra episodes, or any times that an episode has been cancelled due to that god awful football, we've spent approximately five and a half days watching Corrie. That's nearly a whole week of a year that we spend dedicated to the lives of other people.

If you think that's a lot, just wait until this time next year, when we could have spent another whole day watching Corrie once the sixth episode is added to the weekly schedules.

But what makes us so transfixed by soap operas, and especially Coronation Street? Why are we so consumed by the daily goings on of a bunch of fictional characters? Just a few things worth thinking about as I conclude this small but important post. And who knows where we might be in ten years time? Could we see a 7th weekly episode?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Michael, the first thing I thought was woah that makes me feel old when you say you were born in 1999!! I am looking forward to the expansion and see what comes with it. I just so wish they would repeat Corrie from the beginning so many characters and stories that can be enjoyed again for everyone !

Unknown said...

I too was born in 1999 so I can relate to you in the fact that I've always known Victoria Street and grown up in that era of Corrie. I suppose most people are intrigued by the lives of characters because it's just another form of escapism, as most media is.

The thought of a sixth episode is daunting enough for me, let alone anyone at Corrie. However, I'm still excited about it although I'll have to cut down on my other TV viewing. I wonder how they'll reveal the new set and I'm glad to see Weatherfield expanding even more. In terms of a 7th episode, I hope it never happens although I hope they do another DVD.

Unknown said...

Yes Anon, rerunning Corrie from the beginning would be wonderful!


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