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Thursday 24 August 2017

Phelan's sidekick Vinny returns to Coronation Street

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in this week's Sun newspaper saying that Vinny Ashford will be returning to the show.

Vinny, you'll remember, was Pat Phelan's sidekick whp was last seen fleeing Weatherfield in November last year after taking the proceeds from the flat scam and leaving Pat Phelan to take all of the blame.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun Online: "Phelan has been looking for Vinny ever since he ran off with all the money and he's determined to get revenge. Pat's life spiralled out of control after Vinny left with all the money they had both stolen so he blames him for everything bad that has happened since.

"If it wasn't for Vinny then Michael wouldn't have gone snooping and died, and Andy wouldn't have had such a vendetta against Phelan. In Phelan's mind Andy being in his basement is all Vinny's fault so his return comes at the perfect time for him to get rid of Andy and to get revenge on Vinny."

The Sun Online confirms that actor Ian Kelsely has returned to filming for the stint of episodes.

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Anonymous said...

BOO! HISS! Please don't let Phelan get away with even more crap. I WANT HIM GONE!! EVIL MUST BE PUNISHED.

abbyk said...

Yes, I want him to pay, but he is soooooooo wonderful to watch, if he can redeem himself by catching the thief and recovering those down payments, okay. We've accepted Tracy living next door.

C in Canada said...

Awesome! I smell the beginning of the end for Pat.
His days are numbered for all his misdeeds, so I'm betting that this will be the storyline that brings it all to a head.

Tashacat said...

Agree with abbyk. I don't want Phelan to leave the Street. He could find redemption somehow. Connor McIntyre is too good an actor to let go.

C in Canada said...

I was thinking that once an actor has killed someone, then that's pretty much it for them.
BUT, I don't think Pat's actually killed anyone has he?
Michael died of a heart attack - which wasn't Pat's fault although he just watched him die.
We thought he had killed Andy but now we know that's not the case.
So perhaps this is just another chapter for Pat and not the beginning of the end as I originally thought...hmmm.

Where's Emily?? said...

Sly old devil that he is..Phelan will want revenge. While he didn't actually kill Michael he certainly enjoyed watching him he redeemable? Naw, he's scum through and through. It'll be fun to watch this unravel.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The difference between Tracy and Phelan is that we knew Tracy as a child. She's been through different phases depending on where the writers want her to go, but Phelan came in as a villain. I read an interview where the actor said that Phelan is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Coupled with violent tendencies, I don't think that's something a fairly new soap character can be 'saved' from. Andy's re-appearance followed by Vinnie's, suggests that the action is moving quickly towards a resolution. I think Vinnie wants Phelan back and will reveal all to Eileen when he refuses. Didn't we see a torch light under the door of Andy's basement? Andy might be rescued but not yet awhile.

boris the spider said...

I don't care how good an actor Connor McIntyre is. If people want him to stay just because "he's a good actor" then they shouldn't have made the character so horrible....spiteful...evil...irredeemable. There is absolutely NOTHING about Phelan that I want to keep seeing, he makes me feel physically sick.


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