Thursday, 17 August 2017

You are Corrie's Producer - What would make you "scared"?

Earlier this week, Coronation Street producer Kate Oates gave a wonderful interview to David Brown in the Radio Times.  You can read our pick of the interview here but I do suggest popping to the shops to buy the magazine to read the full thing.

Something's been bothering me about the interview, because right at the end of it, Kate Oates said this: "There are still stories I'm passionate about telling. We're doing one next year that scares me a bit, but if it's taken in the way we intend, it could do a lot of good."

It's the word "scares" that, well... scares me, to be honest. And I've been wondering what it could mean and how it bodes for our favourite soap.  

So let's do a bit of speculation...

Is she killing off Rita with the dementia storyline? That would be enough to scare any producer. Rita is soap royalty and the backlash from fans around the world would be enough to scare anyone. But, if done well, as she says, and taken in the way it's intended, it could do a lot of good, bringing dementia to the forefront.  Or, perhaps it's Ken that's for the chop - the world's longest-serving soap actor. 

Perhaps one of the current major characters want to leave and spread their wings - I'm thinking of the likes of Sally or Kevin or Ken.  That would be scary, to lose a huge part of the show, but in what way would their leaving storyline "do a lot of good?"

After the plaudits received for Lucy Fallon and Coronation Street in the grooming storyline, is there an even darker story coming soon?  Corrie has touched on modern day slavery with the Polish worker story, but it soon fizzled out. Could that be revisited as an issue?

What do you think it might be?

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Tvor said...

Maybe it will have something to do with Billy and Todd raising a young girl and perhaps being accused of some sort of abuse just because of their sexuality. It would raise the issue of same sex parents and how people can overreact.

Anonymous said...

It will be about the woman without a hand that is going to be Kate's SO. We might not even notice for awhile if they didn't have to be all screamy about it.

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