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Monday 28 August 2017

3 storylines to bring back Carla Connor to Corrie

With the return of Carla Connor to Coronation Street confirmed now by producer Kate Oates, we've been having a think about what would bring the sharp-cheek-boned one back to Weatherfield.

The always fab Inside Soap magazine present three possibilities in the magazine this week.

1. It's business.
She comes in to save Underworld.  Could it even be from the grips of Adam Barlow, I wonder?

2. It's pleasure.
She and Peter get back together?

3. It's family.
She hears about her dad Johnny suffering from multiple sclerosis and comes to see him.

How else would you suggest Carla could - or should - return to Coronation Street?  I wonder if they'd bring her back with a baby? She could have left pregnant with Nick's child.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Carla needs to come back as a knight in shining armour or, in her case, jet black hair (again) and lots of bling. Here's my prediction. Kate will be terrified of Adam's threat to Underworld and will beg Carla to return, also mentioning Johnny's condition. That's the factory storyline, but running alongside will be the star-crossed lovers sub-storyline with Peter. Not every couple who work brilliantly together have to actually tie the knot. We know Peter is a philanderer but how much more interesting it would be if he stays faithful to Toyah physically but not emotionally. So, it's a case of all three possible storylines coming together for Carla's return.

Anonymous said...

1. I think Carla should return with a secret that will unravel as time goes on.

2. She should come back with her own drama. There's no need to drag her down with yet another Michelle story. What's the betting that her feud with Michelle will in fact, be all about Michelle?

3. Peter Barlow should only be allowed to dream of reuniting with Carla.

He is lumbered with drippy Toyah in The Rovers now and Carla would surely find that amusing! I wonder who thought it was a good idea to throw Liz and Steve McDonald out in the cold and replace them with such joyless characters? They're enough to turn your beer flat.

4. Johnny's illness - Surely the most likely reason for Carla to return.

5. Roy Cropper - a bonus in getting our Carla Connor back is that we should see a lot more of our beloved Royston - who now barely gets any screen time.
Oh how I've missed their friendship.

C in Canada said...

I would say Johnny's illness would be reason enough on it's own to get her to return.

I don't want to see her bogged down with 'chelle's misery, or a baby of Nick's, or to rehash anything with Peter.

She should just be back, period.

LG said...

I concur with Hympty.

The threat of losing Underworld is hovering and that may be the reason Carla is lured back to Weatherfield. Plus, Johnny could take a turn for the worse if he loses his factory!
I can see Underworld bringing Adam and Carla into each other's orbit, and inevitably sparks will fly.
I don't know if they'll necessarily be thrown together, romantically, but keeping in mind all the common links they have, I'd say there's a strong chance they'll team up in some way.

This also opens a door for Peter to get involved. The brilliant Chris Gascoigne has been wasted (no pun intended) for too long since he returned. The Rovers and never ending baby talk is wearing thin.
Frankly, I'd much rather see Peter trying to fight his feelings for Carla when fate keeps throwing them together.
It would also give Toyah something else to be obsessed with.

Tvor said...

If Johnny was the reason Carla was going to come back, the wedding should have done it but it doesn't seem that will be the case. I think Underworld will bring her back, as someone mentioned above, the threat of Adam getting his feet under the sewing table. Carla still owns her 60% share after all. She'll come back all guns blazing.

Newfy Pearl said...

I forgot that Tvor! 60% Hmmmm...that would definitely make sense if Adam manages to get Aiden's share. But to be honest, I would like a Baldwin to own the factory again, even if he has Barlow as a last name. I think the Connors have had it long enough.

Anonymous said...

Karla returns with a baby, after much speculation it turns out the father is Steve MacDonald after "stoopid' one-night-stand. Leanne and Karla will be rivals again, Toyah will be riled by Peter's history with Karla and Eva with Aidan it will be the Battersby girls versus the Connor girls.

Unknown said...

I dont know what will bring Carla back to the cobbles, I'm just happy she is coming back, and I do think she needs to be back in control of Underworld.

Anonymous said...

Since Johnny's Carla's father, and knowing that he apparently treated her well previously, I would say she comes back due to Johnny's illness. . Since she left for Devon to escape from heartache, it would be nice for her to have changed into a more mellow person, more mature and less confrontational. I'd also like to see her come back with a hunky guy to open a new business. What type of business do they need in that neighbourhood though? I'd hate to see the character recycled though into the same role.

Anonymous said...

Get Carla back with Peter Barlow , him and Toyota have zero chemistry and she is a dry cow. Carla has a dark , sexy attitude and I would like to see Chloe Peters stalker to return and her and Carla open a factory doing nightmare together and they run it with sexy hunk Adam Barlow. I really want to see a Toyota and Carla fight and I want Carla and Leanne to be best friends again. We need a bitchy and more relastic Carla back. I want her and Peter to have a baby together , I loved Carla and Peter together and I don't believe for a minute Peter loves Toyota Bsttersby lol. I also want to see Tom Carla's cousin return. I loved Carlas scences with Roy there melted my hearted. So glad Ali King is returning she is ace and the best actress on corrie

Anonymous said...


Robert Preston 2.0 (demon-ridden, substance abuser, in fact a rehash of Peter) will be her new love interest, hence the feud with Michelle. Maybe a baby, that would be interesting, given her job and her problematic relationship with her own mother. She's one of the few characters where having a child would provide interesting character development and conflict as opposed to just being an accessory (like Jake or Harry).

Does she really need a reason to come back? Originally, she said she was leaving because it wouldn't be fair on Nick to stay or to expect him to go. Now, Nick has left, and her factory, father, and family are all there, so why wouldn't she return?

popcorn said...

I can't see Carla with Robert. He is too much of a wet rag. However, I can see her with Adam Barlow, even though he is much younger. At least they have the right energy for each other.


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