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Monday 21 August 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review 21st August 2017

Under that gruff exterior, there's a murderer and a kidnapper. Phelan helps Nicola with her flat before going off to feed Andy in the abandoned house, although as with Friday's eclairs, he seems to get through most of the food himself. Andy has different ideas, well, one idea, which is to attack Pat with a makeshift rope, causing him to fall and gash his neck. He's ok though, it'll take more than a bump on the head to get rid of Phelan. The rope is edging from Andy's new mattress and Pat, worried that Andy'll also use the mattress springs as a weapon, removes his prisoner's bedding. He swears he wouldn't go to the police if Phelan released him, but unsurprisingly Pat does not believe him, although he still wants to find a solution that doesn't involve him losing his freedom or Andy losing his life. He credits Nicola with the softening of his attitude and saving Andy's life; his saviour then turns up to find out what Phelan is doing with a mattress. Persuading him to donate it to a homeless shelter, Pat finds a note that Andy has stuffed inside and whigs out, shouting at his daughter who stomps off. Phelan blames Andy for his outburst and tells him to have a good long think about what he's done.

Mary has received several engagement cards, although they're all in her handwriting, for the bogus fide engagement. Norris rather logically points out that they were getting married for the competition so that Mary could see Jude, so now she's seeing Jude, they could call it off. But Mary wants her big day - she hasn't had this much positive attention since she broke her coccyx. My fondest wish is that we will finally get to see Mary's mum, hopefully played by Patricia Routledge, at the fake nuptials, but I suspect she will stay incognito a la Fat Brenda. Jude arrives with his wife Angie and a cute lickle baby (George). Angie's a sharp one and notices Norris's frustration with the situation.

Chesney uses the weather as an excuse not to go to the fair with A New Hope and Ruby. He suggests the puppet workshop at Jamila House as an alternative, but even that is too much for him as he suffers a mini-panic attack on the step. So he creates his own puppet show within the house, but Fiz and Sinead are onto him, finding out from Yasmeen that he didn't show up for the workshop. I suppose with his colouring, Ches doesn't need that much vitamin D.

Bethany has bought scratchcards as a thank you to Corrie residents who have supported her. Shona  wins £6k on hers and Skanky Spice, who's back to harass Gemma, overhears before reporting it to Unfab Macca. I guess since Callum got in a bit of a hole, Macca has stepped up to be The Dog And Gun Crew CEO. Macca pretends that his pal lawyer Houdini can get Clayton off on appeal, but he'll need the £6000 to pay him. Shona not unreasonably points out that Clayton is guilty and should serve his time, but Macca piles on the emotional blackmail, saying that Shona's son is distressed about moving to the adult prison and is close to suicidal. Fortunately Shona lives with a lawyer paralegal, who tells her it's highly unlikely that Clayton could get off, even on a technicality, and points out that David will hunt them both down if Kylie's killer gets off.

And in other news, Liz is on the trail of the vape phisher and sets up a false email to lure him (or is it a her?) in. And if that involves drinking wine in the pub when she's supposed to be on the medical centre reception desk, then so much the better.

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What a selfish person that Mary is!


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