Sunday, 20 August 2017

5 of the best from Corrie's History this week

Corriepedia is a wonderful site. If you haven't visited it, please do.

Every day on Twitter the guys who run Corriepedia look back at a handful of storylines which took place on this day in a different year of Coronation Street's history.

And so each Sunday I take  a look at my personal favourite five storylines from those which Corriepedia have alerted us to during the week.

I hope you enjoy these short and sweet looks down memory lane

August 14 in 2009
Becky is arrested for drug possession hours after marrying Steve

15th August in 1990
Peter Ingram suffers a heart attack while arguing with Mike Baldwin and dies in hospital

16th August in 1989
Gail has her first kiss with Martin Platt, who is ten years her junior

17th August in 1987
Alec and Bet return from Torremolinos and announce their engagement

18 August in 2014
Ken takes Deirdre on a caravan holiday in North Wales

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Tvor said...

Ken and Deirdre's camping story was really funny! Never forget her striding through the fields in a top and skirt, sucking on a cig and dragging the dog along beside her.

Louby said...

I love these reminders. Plus anything that features Ken and Deirdre together is even better. Thanks!

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