Sunday, 20 August 2017

New Video: The making of Coronation Street 'Then, Now & Forever'

If you've not yet watched the new Coronation Street promo video Then, Now &  Forever please do, it's gorgeous. You can watch it here.

The short video recreates iconic scenes from Coronation Street's 57-year history and takes fans behind-the-scenes of how they would have been filmed

And now, we can go even further behind-the-scenes with a "how it was made" video too which you can watch below.

The iconic moments were recreated in part on the Coronation Street set as well as at Shepperton Studios, where Life of Mars and Endeavour art director Matt Gant dressed the sets to be as close to what the originals would have looked like as possible.

Costumes were created by Michelle May using archive photography and references from the soap’s archivist Helen Nugent.

Actors were cast as classic character lookalikes, rehearsing the scenes so that they synced perfectly to the actors who created the original scenes in the soap.

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Tvor said...

Wahey, we can see that in Canada!

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