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Saturday 19 August 2017

Corrie weekly update - Andy’s Alive - and the Jammie Dodger Code

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Jumping right in with the big storyline this week – Andy Carver’s alive! You remember Andy Carver, right? He was the fella who passed himself off as Michael Rodwell’s fake son before Phelan bashed him over the head with a laptop and we all thought he was dead.  But no! Andy’s still very much alive – bruised and battered and sporting a very tidy beard for someone who Phelan’s had locked up in a cellar for months.

Elsewhere this week, Rita has Gemma arrested after the Kabin gets broken into and money goes missing from Rita’s purse. None of this is Gemma’s fault – it was her horrible mates from the estate who nicked the sweets from the Kabin after letting themselves into the shop. And Gemma didn’t nick Rita’s money either, she loaned it to Gina who is deep in debt. Poor Rita though, she can’t remember any of this until much later. Fortunately for Gemma, Rita gets her freed from the nick but back at the flat the two of them have a ding-dong and Gemma’s so upset that Rita mistrusted her that she storms off to her room to pack her bags and leave.

Chesney continues with his panic attacks after the Bistro stabbing and has trouble leaving the house to go outdoors.  So when Fiz leaves Hope and Ruby with him to look after, unaware of how much Chesney is suffering from anxiety attacks, it can only end badly, I’m sure.

Jenny Bradley isn’t best pleased this week when Eva announces she wants a double wedding for her and Aidan with Jenny and Johnny.  There was a lovely scene in the factory when Kirk wondered why Jenny was so upset, pointing out that Eva’s beautiful and Jenny less so. “Eva’s Man United and you’re Weatherfield County.” Jenny’s face, as you can imagine, was a picture.  She does, however, ask Gemma to be her bridesmaid but after the Rita fandangle above, I’m not sure if that offer still stands. Jenny is hugely protective of Rita and has nothing good to say about Gemma’s thieving ways, even if she has been proved innocent.

As Norris and Mary prepare for their sham wedding next week in order to win the Mr and Mrs competition, Mary’s son Jude says he’s coming over for the bash, all the way from South Africa. Mary hasn’t the heart to tell her son that the wedding’s for show, not love.

In other news, Alya and Luke become the latest couple without chemistry to get it together and Kate’s not happy about her flatmates’ relationship. Frankly, neither am I.

And finally this week, Gary’s on his way to Ukraine to start his high-danger job protecting VIPs and what-nots. He leaves a bunch of letters with Alya (Alya?) in case of his death and asks her to pass them on to Sarah and the family.  But Alya drops the letters in Roy’s Rolls and Shona finds the one addressed to Sarah and hands it on for her to read.  Sarah rushes to Streetcars, demands that Gary’s taxi to the airport be delayed so that she can talk to Gary and find out what’s going on. And in a wonderful scene, using the CCC (Cabbie’s Code of Confidentiality) and the code words “This is Steve to Tim. We’ve run out of Jammie Dodgers”, Tim pulls the cab off the road feigning engine trouble.  Sarah catches up with Gary who tells her the truth about the danger of the job – but whether he’ll fly off or not remains to be seen.

Just a little word here to say that as it’s my birthday next week I may not be here with an update as I’m going to my favourite place on the Yorkshire seaside and then inland to the countryside for a few days.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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And I too wondered why Gary was confiding in Alya about his Ukraine danger job.


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