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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Join the Corrie fan campaign to #SaveRita

Before last night's Coronation Street episode aired, our friend Paul Lanagan at Corrie Art invited us to join together with the Corrie podcasters Conversation Street, Corriepedia and Corrie Street Collection to start a Twitter campaign to #SaveRita.

We all planned in advance and decided that as soon as Rita came on screen last night, we were going to try to get #SaveRita trending on Twitter. We flooded our Twitter streams with pictures and slogans. It was a lot of fun... and it almost worked! #Rita started trending - so we were halfway there!

Hundreds more Coronation Street fans joined in with the #SaveRita Twitter campaign. We're all hoping that Rita won't be written out and killed off with the brain tumour storyline that's been rumoured in The Sun. 

The #SaveRita campaign made the news!  We were all featured in Digital Spy

The campaign also made the Daily Mirror which included a Tweet from @CStCollection

And we made the Glasgow Evening Times and Radio Times too.

In addition, AndyGibsonTV has created a petition on to keep Rita in Coronation Street. You can sign it here.

ITV have neither confirmed nor denied the rumour in The Sun that Rita is being killed off. And yes, we know that there's a strong possibility that the tabloid rumour will be wrong - and I truly hope it is.

But if you'd like to get behind the fun campaign to #SaveRita add your tuppence worth on Twitter here!

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C in Canada said...

I truly hope it is wrong also, I can't stand the thought of losing our Reet!

Anonymous said...

I felt saddened when I saw the 'Weatherfield One' used on someone other than Deirdre Barlow. :-(

Anonymous said...

Like I said to another post, has anyone considered that this may be her request. Maybe she wants to retire or maybe she has health problems she's kept secret. I don't want to lose her either but there are a lot of possibilities as to why they have come up with this storyline.

Maricha said...

Wouldn't we know it by now if the actress was the one asking to be let go? She's reading about all this and could quickly clear the air with one tweet or comment to the petition creator if she was the one volunteering to retire.

PoidaPete said...

Due to contract obligations, she may not even be able to acknowledge that she's leaving yet... if she's leaving.

Maricha said...

That would be a bit unusual haven't we known who was leaving recently, though not how it would happen? I'm thinking of Nick, Steph, Carla and Anna for example.


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