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Saturday 19 August 2017

Carla Connor's return to Corrie - and what it means to me

Guest blog post by by Deena Barnes who is on Twitter 
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As most of you must know by now, Alison King is returning to Corrie in December and I for one cannot wait! She is my favourite character from not only Coronation Street, but any television show.

I feel like this return will be explosive and full of surprises plus written a lot better than her exit back in May 2016. Even though I'm so excited she is on the way back, I have some things which I do, and don't want to happen on her return.

The first thing I do want to happen is drama. I feel like her exit left a lot open, not just with Nick, but with the Platts too, mainly Gail. I'd like to see an argument or conversation between Gail and Carla take place because I feel like that needs to happen either for closure, or to just clear the air.

Another thing which I would like to happen is some sort of Tracy and Carla interaction, which no doubt will happen at some point. I think Kate Ford and Ali King work incredibly together and theirs is one of my favourite feuds from the show. Who knows whether that rivalry will continue but just some scenes between the pair would be great!

Something else which most fans no doubt want is Carla getting back behind the desk in Underworld. Carla, whether you want to believe it or not, owns that factory. For me her being in Underworld is a huge part of her character and history. I would love to see a Jenny and Carla fight at some point as well considering Jenny is (most likely) going to be Carla's stepmum!

The one thing which I can't wait to have back on screen, is the relationship between Carla and Johnny. This father / daughter bond started to grow so much in Carla's last couple of months on the show in 2016, so no doubt we will get to see their bond grow even more.

Now there's not a lot I don't want to happen with Carla but something I desperately don't want is Carla getting back with Peter. I know many fans want this but in my opinion Peter is just a cheat, and Carla deserves SO much better than him. It would also be such a huge step back for Carla after everything she's been through since. To be quite honest I don't think she needs to even be in a relationship at all, at least for a while, because she's a strong independent woman.

The last thing which I don't want to see, even though it is funny, is Carla being drunk all the time. Ali plays a drunk extremely well, but it becomes repetitive. I would like to see Carla be her happy, strong self for quite a good length of time before any sort of self destructing takes place.

Also, according to Kate Oates (the Corrie producer) there will be some sort of feud between Carla and Michelle. Even though I love these two as best friends, I think a bit of arguing and being on opposing sides will be interesting and we will get to see Ali and Kym working together in a slightly different way. It will be a bit like the 2007 days.

So, to put it simply, I cannot wait for Carla's return! Best Christmas present I could've wished for!

Written by @QueenAliKingx from Twitter

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

The plotline I'm predicting for Carla is that she will come back with a child, the product of her fling with Robert. Motherhood will be the new direction her character is taken in and will also be what sparks the feud with Michelle--as they fight over Robert (ugghh). Even if Carla doesn't have a child, I'm sure she and Michelle will be fighting over Robert. The writers seem very invested in bulking up Robert as the new brooding alpha male--transforming him from Tracy's milquetoast lapdog into a tormented ex-user with a past (ie. a reboot of Peter Barlow).

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Not really looking forward to Carla's return, especially if she comes back as the milquetoast (love that word Jeanie!) she was when she left the street. Although it would be good to see Michelle taken down a peg or two!

Anonymous said...

I want to see Tracy's reaction especially considering the effort she put in to get rid of her! Having said that, I don't want their feud to be reignited, it would just be tedious. A good feud would have been the animosity between her and Leanne which was miles better than her feud with Tracy. For heavens sake, they will have to move on from, especially Tracy. I want to see them interact at least once, even if it is a slap, but that's it! I don't reckon she'll be with child, it seems too far fetched and surely Michelle would have found out and told Leanne or Robert at some point. I want to see her best pals with Maria again and fingers crossed with Leanne too! Leanne, u agree, may be a touch too far. Either way Carla needs a break from men-induced drama and cat fights, for the meantime time anyway.

Tvor said...

I don't think they'll bring back the spineless Carla we had before. I don't think Ali King would want to do that anyway.

I speculate that she'll return because Johnny's not feeling well and she wants to helm the factory again. Perhaps after the fallout of the Aidan/Eva/Maria thing, Aidan takes off for awhile so JOhnny needs the help. She still owns majority share and the factory is more important even than returning for Johnny's wedding apparently ;)))

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right! Making Carla a spineless bitch of Tracy was the worst thing SB did to Carla. Even if it was to facilitate her god awful exit. I'm so happy Carla is returning, it should help blur SB's awful stories involving Carla. What the hell was he thinking! Awful, awful producer!

Anonymous said...

Umm, she slept with Robert 5 months before leaving, think she would have noticed if she was pregnant!

Anonymous said...


lol, I was wondering what the dates were. Okay, she comes back with Nick's child! Motherhood would be such an interesting new challenge for Carla--plus we would be spared the dragged out pregnancy and the requisite delivery of the baby in the Rovers by Tracy.


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