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Friday 25 August 2017

Which is your favourite current Corrie family?

For a bit of fun this week in the run up to the Bank Holiday weekend, we're going to be asking every day this week who our current favourite characters are.  Today it's the turn of the families.

So, who is your current, favourite Coronation Street family?

For this fan, it's the Connors and that includes Jenny flaming Bradley who'll soon be joining the clan when she marries Johnny later this year.  It also includes the return of Carla Connor in December this year. As Carla is Johnny's daughter, this means that Jenny as Johnny's new wife will be Carla's step-mother. Can you imagine the look on Carla's face when she finds out?

But never mind me. If YOU had to choose just one family from the show at the moment, as your absolute favourite, which would it be?

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Anonymous said...

The Connors for me too!!

Oh yes!!! Jenny Bradley and Carla Connor scenes - should I start to feel sorry for Johnny now or wait until December?!

I have to say, I hope Carla's return is not going to be about adding to the "poor Michelle" routine. If they are going to be on opposing sides, what are the odds that Carla will be made out to be the bad guy because everyone has to side with poor Michelle? After all, everyone is so lucky to have her, according to the scriptwriters.

Unknown said...

I also think the Connors are my fave family, and I'm very happy about the return of Carla!

amanda50 said...

I'm glad Carla's coming back but it's the Barlow family I like to watch the most.Amy, Tracy and Peter especially, though Eccles should definitely be getting more screen time if you ask me.

Tvor said...

It's the Platts for me. Multi generational madness and fun! I have really enjoyed watching David grow from a troubled teen to a responsible father even though he's still got an edge. I love Gail no matter how they're portraying her these days, love how she's turned into Ivy. Audrey, ever the gentle voice of reason. Bethany has become another of my favourites though didn't like her at first. Sarah's all right and I never liked Nick but they all really gel as a whole.

Anonymous said...


Platts, hands down! Four generations of disaster, mayhem and catastrophe--can't get much better than this. So many scenes of comedy, tragedy, and wonderful black comedy (peanuts or olives anyone?) Plus so many of the family members have a long history on the soap. Plus, they have some of the best actors on the show with the best chemistry--Audrey, Gail, David are all phenomenal, together and apart. Nick fits right in, as the uptight long suffering son/brother, and does a better job of channelling Ivy's feistiness than Gail. Sarah and Bethany are both a little bit beige but not too bad. Plus a whole new brood of little 'uns who will soon be wreaking havoc. All centred around the hairdresser's salon, which frankly, is a lot more credible as a modern small family business than the factory.

The Connors aren't too bad, but they don't have any good matriarchs and no children so they lack all the extended family dynamics. Also, they seem somewhat cobbled together--the Platts, by contrast, with their rich history, bickering, and solidarity are truly authentic as a multi-generational family--who are a legend in their own right and descendants of legends (like Ivy).

Cab24 said...

Although there are only two left, it's got to be the Mc Donalds for me. Steve & Liz have great on screen chemistry & really bounce of one another. They are equally as good in individual storylines. References to Andy & Jim are often thrown in for good measure.

Newfy Pearl said...

The Platts are my fav followed by the Barlows.
I love them all.....Has Gail had an older man...she did have an eye for Lewis...maybe she and Ken can unite and bring the two families together. Ken is too boring for Audrey...really should have kept Freddie...but it would be funny to see Gail with two families to meddle with. lol (Half joking in this scenario, so please go easy on me. lol)

Flo said...

While they aren't a conventional family, I'm really liking Tilly. Billy, Todd and Summer are a great combination and I'm hoping we see a lot more of them to come.

Louby said...

I agree with cab24. Shame we don't see Andy now and again. I'm hoping for a short visit from Jim when he gets released. That will be awkward, when he bumps into Peter!

Samantha from Canada said...

The Platt family is my favorite, always have been, always will be.


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