Saturday, 12 August 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another busy week in Coronation Street this week. Time then, to look back at 5 things we learned that we didn't know this time last ...

1. Rosie is just, so, forgetful, you know?
Applying for a PA job with Adam and Todd's new solicitor practice, she could have mentioned her prior experience working as a PA to Carla at Underworld. Maybe all of those soap bubbles from her window-cleaning round have gone to her head and rinsed that part of her life away?

2. SmudgesApp needs to be A Thing
Forget the PA job, forget the window cleaning round, make Rosie the face of SmudgesApp, available for download now

3. Amy's a Bananarama fan
And Steve was ear-wormed by his daughter's choice of muzak.

4. Where there's a Will there's a way
... to stop him from taking his glasses off and putting them back on again in the same scene?

5. Baby Oliver is the cutest Corrie baby, ever.

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Louby said...

6 - dangleage is a new word.

Btw, did anyone else notice how Oliver recently aged several months between two episodes?

Tvor said...

Yes,the new baby they've got for Oliver is even cuter than the last cutie!!!

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