Friday, 14 July 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 14 July

SARAH’S SO CLOSE TO JUSTICE, YET SO FAR In a desperate bid to gather evidence against Nathan, Sarah and Gary confront Mel at the tanning salon and beg her to tell the police all she knows. Hoping to find some of Nathan’s other victims, Sarah and Gary call at the drop-in centre where Yasmeen and Rana are working as volunteers. As a despondent Sarah and Gary make to leave, they’re distracted by two girls arguing. Sarah’s taken aback to see that one of the girls is Shona.
CRAIG’S PLAYING WITH FIRE Bethany puts pressure on Craig and makes him promise not to report Neil as it’ll only make matters worse. Craig’s conflicted. Craig calls at the police station and after telling his Chief Inspector that he’d like to quit the force, heads out shooting daggers at Neil.
LIZ MAKES AN ENEMY AT WORK Moira heads out to a meeting leaving Liz in charge of reception. As the queue of patients buckles and the phone continually rings, Liz struggles to keep her temper. How will battleaxe Moira react?
ELSEWHERE Gary’s taken aback when his old army friend Joe arrives on the street. Erica calls in the shop and turning the sign to ‘closed’ tells Dev they need to talk. Determined to make Aidan pay, Eva announces she’s booked some house viewings as it would be nice to have a garden for the baby. As David, Gail and Audrey set off to visit Kylie’s grave, Max reads out a poem he’s written for his Mum. Audrey listens, choked.

GARY GETS A SURPRISE JOB OFFER Joe tells Gary he’s running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, the money is fantastic and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react?
DAVID’S FORCED TO FACE SOME HOME TRUTHS WHILST CRAIG’S GOT A DILEMMA ON HIS HANDS Covering his shock, Neil tells Craig a pack of lies. Craig doesn’t know what to believe. While David, Bethany, Gail, Audrey, Gemma and Max mark the anniversary of Kylie’s death with a picnic in the garden, David the dog escapes. As David scoops up the dog, he’s horrified to see Billy helping Shona into No.11. David rails at Billy ordering him to keep Shona well away from him. David returns home clearly furious and announces the party’s over. When Sarah explains how she’s doing everything she can to nail Nathan and Shona can help them, Bethany’s furious wishing she’d just let it drop.
ERICA’S GIVEN FOOD FOR THOUGHT Fearing that Erica is about to dump him, Dev suggests she should have more space and time to spend with her mates. Erica can only smile weakly. Determined to put some distance between she and Dev, Erica approaches Robert for a job in the bistro.
ELSEWHERE When Aidan reveals he’s buying the kebab shop flat, Eva goes ballistic, pointing out she wanted a house with a garden in Didsbury.

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Zagg said...

I have to say, I'm pretty tired of Billy the Vicar always sticking his oar into people's lives. Where is the good in helping one person, when you're destroying others? In the real world, he would council Shona to move somewhere else and help her get set up. It's all feeling rather heartless to me. It looks like he only cares about his "pet project".

coconno196 said...

And shouldn't Billy be looking after his actual parishioners, not all these neighbours who never set foot in church? He's a vicar, not a social worker, and his "helping" is more like meddling.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I agree with your comments about Billy who presided over Kylie's funeral and yet befriends the mother of her murderer disregarding Kylie's family's feelings.
What next opening up the Grimshaw home to Clayton when he's released from prison?
I also don't like David being portrayed as the 'bad guy'when he has every right to be angry at the woman who robbed him, snooped in his home and lied who she really was.

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