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After Sally’s sister Gina gets some bad news that her husband Donny wants a divorce she consoles herself with a spending spree using Tim’s tablet. When a memorial plate with a rare otterhound on it comes through the post, Gina’s delighted with her purchase. Less thrilled is Sally to have the piece of tat in her house and Tim’s not best pleased that Gina’s used all his data on the tablet.

Eileen finds Phelan’s love letters to Nicola’s mum and has a sneaky read. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? She’s sure that Phelan’s up to summat but she’s not sure what, just yet.

Over at the Bistro, Robert’s drug dealing mate Rich stabs Chesney with a broken bottle. Ches is carted off to hospital where he survives and is tended to at his bedside by the hand of fair maidens. And lo, their names were Sinead and Gemma. He survives, of course. As does Robert and Michelle’s relationship after Robert dobs Rich to the cops and gets him arrested for dealing cocaine. However, if Robert thinks that Rich will leave him alone now, he’s got another thing coming after a sinister, silent phone call comes through on Robert’s phone.

Eva continues her plan of revenge against Aidan for sleeping with Maria. But I’d have more respect for her if she just threw him and his nasty shirts out on the street.  She buys a massive pink Range Rover on his credit card along with a new telly and lots of things she doesn’t want or need.

There were some wonderful scenes this week from Mary – as always – who was cuddling up to and flirting with Adam. These scenes make my heart burst with joy, Mary is wonderful and to see her with Adam is comedy gold.  Adam however, has more on his mind in the florist shop than flirting over flowers. He nicks Tracy’s paperwork and she ends up being a guarantor for his new legal practice (is it on Victoria Street? Anyone know?). He enters into the business with Todd, the two of them working together like a cut-price Bodie and Doyle.

When Billy and Todd gatecrash Drew’s funeral, after they’d been told not to attend by Drew’s parents, Summer becomes Todd and Adam’s first customer at their new legal practice. She wants to sue the NHS for not looking after her dad. Todd recognizes her grief and talks to her in the guise of someone willing to take on her case, knowing that all the lost, little girl wants to do is talk to someone who cares.  Billy and Todd also take up Tracy’s offer of moving into the flat above the flower shop and they go for a look around. Toyah and Peter will soon be moving out of there when they take on the Rovers.

Johnny finally comes clean to Jenny about his MS diagnosis after she goes on a date with Matthew Singh and she thinks he’s having it away with Liz McDonald in the back room. The two love birds finally kiss and make up, and about time too. The wedding of the year is back on.

Over at the Platt house, there’s bad news when the cops say they can’t take Nathan’s case any further and he won’t be prosecuted. They blame lack of evidence but Bethany blames herself for not telling the whole truth about bent copper Neil.

And finally this week, Kev and Anna are invited to Dev and Erica’s house for a curry. Anna says she can’t go, feeling fat and frumpy next to Erica, so Kevin goes alone. And when Dev’s called away leaving Kev and Erica alone on Dev’s sofa, the two of them snog on the soft furnishings.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Anonymous said...

The law firm is on Victoria Street. It is No.10, which is the house nearest Victoria Court.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

I like that Todd and Tracy are still friends despite not working together anymore; I had missed that dynamic lately.

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