Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Explosion at the Bistro

There’s more drama coming next week to the Bistro. Just when you thought it was safe to go in there for a glass of prosecco and some chunky chips, there’s going to be an explosion as drug dealing Rich seeks his revenge on Robert.

There’s a Molotov cocktail thrown at the door of the Bistro – and no, that’s not a cocktail that’s on Robert’s menu.

Things are not looking good for Robert. He’s also got Chesney threatening to sue for the attack on him by Rich and he’s got Daniel threatening to go to the Gazette (how very Ken!).   And he and Michelle aren’t getting on either. She’s horrified to discover someone’s spray painted RIP on the Bistro wall.

I think I’d be giving the place a swerve, if I lived in that street!

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Anonymous said...

Another explosion!Aside from affairs and attempted murders,that seems all the writers can think of.
I feel sorry for Robert though while Michelle is probably thinking I should have stayed with Steve!

Zagg said...

I think Michelle is the kiss of death. People's lives go down the dumper when she gets involved with them! LOL

Eryn Clarke said...

Michelle was only with Robert to get back st Leanne for having Steve's baby. Don't like how she handled herself and treated Steve, Leanne and Nick. She had told Steve she had finished with him and was on her way to Ireland when he ended up at Leanne's. so their one night of adult comforting produced an innocent child. A child that's a miracle by all accounts for Leanne!
Michelle didn't handle her loss of Rory well. She just wants revenge on Leanne. So by kicking her out of the Bistro and acting all like it's her place now that Robert had bought it, is quite sickening.
Robert should have dumped her a long time ago! Why he's in love with her is anyone's guess. Plus he and Michelle almost cheated on Steve so why she's all high and mighty is beyond logic!

Erik Stone said...

Robert'a problems could get Michelle to move out of his apartment, and could put her back into the love life of her ex-husband: Steve, for the 1st time in months, which could be the renewal romance of Steve & Michelle, and eventually re-married again, to rebuild their reconciliations and romance for real together, for Fall 2017 on "Coronation Street."

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