Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: All Change at the Rovers Return

It’s all change at the Rovers Return next week when Toyah admires her name above the pub door.

She also tells Peter she’s got a good feeling about the pregnancy test she’s doing next week too. All goes well, at first, for the new landlords of the Rovers until Leanne calls in with Simon and Oliver and tells Toyah that they’ve got nowhere to live as Nick’s sold her flat and the new tenants are moving in.

So Toyah and Peter’s fresh start at the Rovers is going to be short-lived when Leanne, Simon and Oliver move into the pub with her and Peter.

Gail’s not best pleased either when she has to hand over a cheque for £25k to Leanne as her share of the profits of the flat which Nick has mailed to his mum. Leanne offers the money to Peter and Toyah to help with their IVF.

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Maricha said...

Has Leanne lost her marbles? She has nowhere to live, gets 25K from Nick and offers it to Toyah and Peter? Didn't her sister already bleed her husband dry trying to get pregnant? Didn't Peter buy the pub so his income could finance her treatments? If Leanne feels she must give them the money it should be to try something more likely to succeed like adoption.

Zagg said...

Toyah as landlady. Wow. The producers just don't get it. She makes St. Stella look downright vibrant. Toyah and Peter are so mismatched. Perhaps they are setting this up for Peter and Leanne to get back together and Toyah will leave....hopefully.

J said...

Why not use that money to find a place to live...

Laura said...

Really feel that they are trying to force us to like this version of Toyah. Boring as hell, but she's with Peter! Still not interesting? Let''s make her landlady of the Rovers! When they realize we still don't like the character, I wonder what they'll try next.

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