Monday, 17 July 2017

3 Reasons why Adam Barlow should take over Underworld

This week in Coronation Street we're going to see Adam Barlow take his blackmailing of Aidan (over the filmed snog with Maria) up to a new level.

First, Adam teams up with Eva in his bid to get one over on Aidan Connor and Adam has a takeover at the factory clearly in his sights. Eva's already fired up with hatred for Aidan, so will she help Adam with his master plan?  I think she should - and here's why I reckon we need to see Adam Barlow take up the reins at Underworld.

1. He's his father's son and all the girls would flutter round him just like they did with Mike Baldwin. For a while, until they went on strike.

2. Adam and Carla Connor. Speaking of women, Adam and Carla Connor would make the perfect power couple. Because she is coming back, right? I mean, she has to, surely?

3. He's as idle as the day is long. And he's therefore perfectly placed to fit right in with the factory girls and Sean who'll do anything to skive off. Adam could easily run Underworld down into the ground and then it's up to Carla to return home to save it all. Because she is coming back, right? (see above).

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C in Canada said...

Is she really coming back or is this just wishful thinking!!??

Anonymous said...

That would be fantastic. The two of them together and possibly together together would be hot! But...she doesn't have good luck with Scottish partners...

Deb O said...

Carla is too old for Adam, surely?

Maricha said...

Aside from Johnny, I don't like any of the present Connors so anything that made them leave would be fine with me. Adam would be a more interesting business partner for Johnny and might be willing to learn the ropes unlike his kids.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Adam needs a mentor. He has many of his father's traits but doesn't know how to channel his strengths. Mike would have knocked him into shape and, in his absence, Phelan could do the honours except he's in the wrong industry. I don't see that Johnny would want him as a side-kick; he's got enough problems with his own family. Rob Donovan would be another possibility but that's a non-starter. I wouldn't want to see Carla back in the factory. We need to move forward not re-run old themes. So, until Adam finds a guiding star, he will drift around in search of a meaningful storyline.

LG said...

Carla and Adam would be an undeniable power couple but Peter would be devastated!

I think it's safe to say the age difference would be the least of their problems considering Carla's massive history with Peter and Tracy.

Susan Shaffer said...

Carla was my favorite character, she HAS to come back! I think she and Adam would make a great team! I don't mean romantically, but running the factory together? Yassssss!

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE your theory about Adam Barlow and Carla Connor being a power couple! It would surely cause BIG problems (DRAMA) within the Barlows and the Connors?

1. Keeping in mind their history (which is mostly full of Adam-blackmails-Aidan plots) Aidan in particular would hate the idea of Adam being his brother-in-law.

2. Then there's Peter Barlow - currently trapped in a pub with the Battersby sisters desperate for a baby - he would most likely have the biggest problem with Adam & Carla, as I remember when the writers saw him and Carla as being like Burton and Taylor. The last time he saw her, he was on his hands and knees (literally!) begging her to take him back! And despite the way their relationship ended, I don't believe either of them fell out of love with each other.

3. Kenneth Barlow. Although he grew to respect Carla a lot, he's never been overly keen to support Adam, and I think he'd be more concerned about how much of a problem it would be for his son, Peter, to see his nephew and ex-wife together. He'd be worried about how much it would disrupt his son's relationship with the Battersbys.

4. The age difference, shouldn't matter. But usually does.

5. Tracy Barlow. She blamed Carla for pretty much everything that ever went wrong for her. It's safe to say she wouldn't be pleased if Adam fell for her enemy, especially if it caused a massive rift between Adam and her brother.

6. Not forgetting Johnny - with Adam seemingly always so determined to take money/Underworld off the Connors - and quite likely to succeed one day - I assume poor Johnny wouldn't want to see his daughter in a relationship with him.


C in Canada said...

I'm not so sure they meant as a romantic couple in this post, but more of a business partnership?

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