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Coronation Street Weds 2nd November episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review! Have you missed me? Apologies for my silence for the past couple of weeks. Uni got in the way.

We've been treated to a couple of massive weeks on the cobbles lately. I say 'treated', but I don't particularly enjoy Cororatings Street. Last night's episode featured no explosions, so I'm glad to be reviewing it. Here we go...

The Nazirs took centre stage in last night's episode. As morning dawned on the Street, Zeedan sits on the sofa at number 6, licking his wounds from the night before. As we saw in Monday's episode, he fumbled up a proposal of marriage to a seemingly apprehensive Rana. She didn't say yes, but she didn't refuse either. Alya tries to lift his spirits by spouting divorce statistics, much to the dismay of Yasmeen, who proceeds to tell her grandson how much she loves his grandfather, foreshadowing like there's no tomorrow. Well, there won't be for Yasmeen and Sharif by the end of the day. However, before we arrive on Revelation Street, we must first deal with the random change of heart from Rana. When Zeedan confronts Rana out on the Street, she surprises him by suddenly accepting his proposal, Naturally, the Nazirs are thrilled by this news - except Alya of course, but she seems to have turned into an all-round misery guts lately. Sharif is trying desperately to shake off seven-year mistress Sonia. She is taken aback when he forbids her to attend Zeedan and Alya's engagement party, pointing out that it would be inappropriate for her to celebrate a commitment such as marriage with them.  However, Sonia seems hellbent on keeping the man who isn't even hers and that's when she launches into a performance of her 80s hit 'You'll Never Stop Me Loving You.'

"We're getting married!"

There is one thing that seems to have cheered Alya and that is the news that Sonia is moving out of their house and is going to live very far away - the flat above Dev's. When the two inevitably bump into each other on the Street, Alya can't resist hurling a plethora of insults at Sonia. Of course, we have to remember that Alya is unaware of the seven-year affair. She merely thinks the pair had a one night stand several years ago and Sharif ultimately chose Yasmeen. The fiery factory worker labels Sonia as jealous, bitter and twisted. Sonia's had enough and decides to put the stroppy madam in her place. Take the next right onto Revelation Street and you will notice Alya's face when she learns that her granddad has been having an affair with Sonia for seven years.

"You can't bear it that he chose grandma over you.
It's no wonder you're on your own. No man could put up with you for too long"
"Seven years. That's how long your granddad and I have been together. Eight on March 7th next year.
Maybe we'll throw a party."

Unfortunately, Alya refuses to believe Sonia's sudden revelation. But that's okay. We don't need her to break the news of the affair herself. It's a soap, so they're bound to have come up with a very original plot device. It is a huge shock when Yasmeen is in the house alone and she hears her husband and his mistress come in. Naturally, she overhears everything and learns all about the infidelity which has been going on for the best part of a decade. Rather than shouting the odds and making a scene much like Carla, Kirsty, Leanne, Liz, Michelle, Sally, Stella and Tracy (to name but a few) did when  they found out their husbands had been playing away, Yasmeen does the very Yasmeen thing and merely sits at the table, quiet and pensive. She confides in Alya, who pretends that this is news to her and then Yasmeen declares revenge. A vengeful Yasmeen? This will be interesting.

"There's one thing for certain. I won't let him get away with it"

Maria's flat is still a blood-splattered crime scene and Not-So-Sweet Caroline is nowhere to be found. Since Tyrone bought a tearful Caz a drink the other day to cheer her up, Fiz has been thinking. Maybe Maria - as she puts it -  is "going all weird again". She is of course thinking of the time when Maria went through one of those soap personality transplants and pretended to be Tyrone's jailbird ex via text message. This time, Caz claims that Maria has been sending her vicious text messages. Fiz urges Tyrone to go to the police, but he refuses. The worry eats away at Fiz, until she decides to tell Caz's ex-girlfriend Kate, who is surprisingly very concerned. An appalled Kate tells Fiz she simply must tell the police. The police are going to be extremely interested in Maria, given that her sham marriage has come back to haunt her. It turns out, she must go and visit her legal husband. Remember when she married the Italian boy so he could get into the country and be with is boyfriend? And then it was all forgotten about? The hairdresser is about to be bitten on the behind, especially  now the police want to interview her about Caz's disappearance and have picked up her "whirlwind romance" along the way. Oh dear!
"We're just trying to build a picture"
"Of what?"
"Of you. What sort of life you lead. I have to say, it's very eventful.
 If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to worry about"

An enjoyable episode which explored two nicely packaged storylines.

As always, thanks for reading!


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Louby said...

Welcome back! I must say, I do hope that we can still enjoy Yasmeen's revenge even if Sharif is not actually seen on screen. It must be nearly time for his departure surely?

As for the Maria/Caz thing, as many others have said, please finish this off, put us out of our misery?!

Anonymous said...

I'm really not enjoying the Caz/Maria storyline one bit. It's my least favourite plotline in a long while. Please let it come to a swift conclusion and not drag out till Christmas, which has been previously suggested. I really can't bear it

Anonymous said...

I also hope that the Caz\Maria storyline isn't dragged out until Christmas time either.
I'm annoyed that Fiz who's supposedly a 'friend' is leading the lynch mob against Maria despite the fact the Sutherlands were one of the few residents who believed Tyrone didn't beat Kirsty Soames.
I wondered if this is Fiz's revenge for Maria going after Tyrone during a mental breakdown?

Cobblestone said...

I love Yasmeen; with no Sharif around to be avenged upon, I hope she comes down hard on that smug cow Sonya!

maggie muggins said...

Good to see you, Jordan! always like your short but sweet Wednesday reviews. I'm such a Corrie fan, I can spend way too much time reading all the posts.

Hmm, here's an idea for Yasmeen...since Sharif is leaving, can she please use her goddess revenge energy this side of the pond on a certain piece of nastiness that's causing all kinds of grief for women and many others? He's also a liar and a cheat. She has till Tuesday. Thanks.

Seriously, these stories are being handled well. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Muggins you had me going there!!! I didn't have a clue what you were writing about - then on the 2nd read - wham - it hit me and I burst out laughing - you hit the nail on the head - well done.
Unfortunately I don't think it's only women that need the help - everybody will need help if that person should prevail on Tuesday. So Yasmeen, if you have some extra goddess revenge energy left there are millions who would be ever so thankful.

C in Canada said...

Loving the Yasmeen side of this story - she's brilliant and I can't wait to see what she does.

Caz has been painful to watch since she joined the show. Horrible actress and horrible storylines that make no sense. All of a sudden Kate cares what happened to her...despite protestations to the contrary not long ago? Riiiight. Please wrap that one up and soon.

Ugh, the election nonsense has permeated even my favorite show's blog! (Most of Canada is also in agreement with Maggie Muggins though.)

Cobblestone said...

I think all of us UK side have our fingers AND toes crossed for you on Tuesday, Maggie.

Maricha said...

Now that they have Aiden and Maria growing closer as she's falsely accused, the penny has finally dropped for me as to why this Caz storyline was created. I suppose it's because something spectacular would have to happen for Aiden to leave Eva for Maria.

Anonymous said...

you are probably right, however I personally think that when she was acting like a spoiled brat because he wouldn't rent an apt for the two of them would have been enough to split them up. Obviously not which is why we now have the Caz/Maria plot. Has anybody seen Billy, Todd or Sean lately they maybe able to help with this one, at least Billy could stand beside Maria with the police and give him something to do. That is if he is still in the cast. It's been so long since we have seen him.

Maricha said...

I completely forgot about Billy but I'm not sure how he could stand by Maria, does he know her?
It's true that it would at least give him something to do and might begin to steer him towards a new career since he's left the church.

Anonymous said...

When did he leave the church? I thought he was taking a sabbatical? Bit of a difference

maggie muggins said...

I think Billy has stood by pretty much every character on the Street, whether he knows them or not, whether they ask for spiritual support or not. lol. Yes, where is he? I'd like to think that the various victims of David's botched revenge crash could use some emotional support from him about now.

Can't recall if he's still a minister, but he was thinking about a change of career after seeing how hard it is to be in a relationship at the same time. I think he'd be happier with someone who has a more fulfilled life of his own, not like Sean or Todd, who both have too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh when cast members complain about corrie going to five nights a week. It's not as if all the cast is in it all the time, they have really looonnnggg breaks between filming. It seems ages since we saw Phelan and Eileen (small mercies in her case!) but when it's their "turn", they're never off the screen.

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