Friday, 4 November 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 4 Nov

Friday 4th November 2016
YASMEEN’S PARTY GOES WITH A BANG As Sharif helps Sonia with her move to the corner shop flat, Yasmeen confides in an astounded Alya that in part she blames herself for failing to be an attentive wife. Later, Yasmeen masks her anger by telling Sonia to come to the party as she’d really appreciate her company. With their engagement celebration underway, Zeedan introduces Sharif and Yasmeen to Rana’s parents but tensions mount as Rana’s mother looks disapprovingly at her daughter’s outfit and Sharif’s unnerved to see Sonia in attendance. As Sharif presents Rana with Jamila’s necklace and Zeedan makes a heartfelt speech, Yasmeen is no longer able to contain her anger and announces that Sharif has been having an affair for years. The guests reel in shock.
MARIA HAS THE RUG PULLED FROM UNDER HER The police quiz Tyrone about the abusive texts Maria sent to Caz. Tyrone sticks up for Maria pointing out that Caz may not be telling the truth. Meanwhile Maria calls Pablo and warns him to be careful what he tells the police. Aidan assures Maria he believes she’s innocent and will help her in any way he can but Fiz is speechless when she shows Tyrone a blood stained rug which she found in their bin. Clearly shaken, will Fiz and Tyrone go to the police?
CATHY HAS A DILEMMA OVER THE WEDDING When Cathy suggests a church wedding Roy’s not keen and they settle on a civil service but is this what Cathy really wants? Meanwhile, Roy asks Alex to be his best man, Alex is thrilled and announces he’ll be bringing a girl along.
ELSEWHERE Michael reveals to Sarah his plans to renew his vows and Sarah assures him Gail will be touched at such a romantic gesture. Sarah and Bethany offer to help organise a bonfire party for the kids but how will Sarah react when Bethany invites Gary? Meanwhile as Anna regains consciousness how will she react on seeing the extent of her injuries.

Friday 4th November 2016

YASMEEN LETS IT ALL OUT Having ushered everyone out, Yasmeen turns on Sharif and Sonia demanding to know how long they’ve been seeing each other. When Sharif reveals that it’s 7 years, Yasmeen’s devastated and orders Sonia to leave. Alya and Zeedan return home to their warring grandparents. Guilt-ridden, Alya reveals that she’s known about the affair for over a month and that she blackmailed Sharif to invest in her new business venture, how will Yasmeen and Zeedan react to this fresh blow?
MARIA FEELS THE PRESSURE When the police reveal that a mobile phone was purchased with a credit card in Maria’s name and the abusive messages were sent from that phone, Maria’s horrified. Cash withdrawals were also made in London using the credit card and it dawns on Maria that Caz must have followed her down there. Maria confides in Aidan how the police seem to think she’s killed Caz and Aidan hugs her close. What has happened to Caz?
ROY COMPROMISES HIS BELIEFS FOR CATHY Roy and Cathy return home just as Gemma emerges from the shower but Alex covers. A love struck Alex tells Roy and Cathy he’d like to invite Gemma to their wedding along with Nessa. After a change of heart, Roy tells Cathy he’d be more than happy to have a church wedding but is it too little too late?
ELSEWHERE Telling Gail how much he loves her, Michael reveals his plans for them to renew their vows. At the bonfire party, Gary assures David he knows the crash was an accident and doesn’t blame him for Anna’s injuries but David’s still consumed with guilt. As Gary makes to leave, Sarah has something she wants to tell him, but what? Meanwhile, not wishing to be a burden, Anna tells Kevin she doesn’t love him any more and they’re finished, but is this what she really wants? 

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Anonymous said...

There's good old poor-little-me Anna, turning Kevin away because she "doesn't want to be a burden"... give me oxygen.

So not interested in the Roy/Cathy relationship anymore... bo-ring. Roy compromising everything, Cathy demanding everything. Just painful to watch when you add Alex.

Maricha said...

If I was Yasmeen I don't know what I'd do about Alya. Sharif deserves the boot but what do you do about a grandchild that's so selfish?
Somehow, I'm sure it won't be a minute before Kevin is told how much Anna loves him but it makes for a nice scene.
There's no question Sarah will tell Gary that David meant to kill himself and Clayton when he injured Anna instead, it's just a matter of when.I say it will come out in time for the fistfight to take place at Santa Claus' feet with their toddlers looking on.
Poor Roy, I can't think of a person least deserving to have to share his home with tiresome people. You'd think losing his wife would have earned him some happiness or at least peace and quiet. Not Gemma on top of the rest.

Anonymous said...

It's a question of what Roy wants... loneliness or some compromises in exchange for companionship and a life. I've never liked Roy's stiffness and narrow-mindedness. Kind as he is, he's not perfect either. I don't particularly like Cathy or Alex but on the other hand I don't see them grossly taking advantage of Roy. Roy has the means to provide a good life for the three of them, if he chooses.

As for any plot big or small related to Maria -- I cringe. Go away Maria...

Anonymous said...

I love that Roy and Cathy are back. I actually like them together, but that is just my view.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Cathy gets some really negative comments on these pages. Ok, she's not Hayley, and never will be, but I think she's a kind, caring person, especially the way she looks out for Alex, and I think she's good for Roy, giving him a different perspective on things

Anonymous said...

Is it just me to think that organizing a bonfire for the kids rather tacky and thoughtless considering one of their neighbours has been badly burned in a fire caused by her brother? To me the timing is just off.

Anonymous said...


The character hasn't exactly had the best writing, either, and has been a victim of that.

They needed to flesh out her character on her own more (perhaps as a friend of another character) prior to bringing her together with Roy.

I think the show is lucky to have Melanie Hill.

She's a good actress who seems to value the show and working with David and Liam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[07;24]I disagree about Cathy not taking advantage of Roy for both she and Alex have been doing so for many months now.
Roy gave Alex a job and in return Alex has shown up late and hungover,Cathy moved Alex in the flat without asking Roy[who was visiting his ill mother[ and they both wanted Roy to pay for one of Phelan's flats in which he stood his ground and said no and now
Cathy is again running roughshod over Roy's feelings with the wedding SHE wants.No wonder he's having doubts.

I agree with the comment about Ditzy Sarah having a bonfire while Anna is in hospital recovering from burn injuries in bad test and her daughter inviting Gary?!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Melanie Hill is a good actress and Rhea Bailey probably is. Many of the characters we complain about are played by excellent actors who have landed in the wrong soap or have lousy scripts. Sometimes, we hear that the actors are lovely people in real life as if that makes their characters any more credible or sympathetic. I still think 'the disabled character' has been attached to the wrong family. Roy is a very noble, generous man who would feel duty bound to protect Alex. It would have been much more interesting if Alex had been the youngest Connor and perpetually winding up Aiden. In fact, I hope Roy gets cold feet and doesn't go through with the wedding. He doesn't need to be married to be happy and, anyway, what's the rush to find him a new wife?

Anonymous said...

I really like Roy and Cathy together. David Neilson and Melanie Hill work well with each other. I think it's time the writers should allow Roy to move on from Hayley. I feel they've respected her memory enough up to this point and now, it's time for him to make a commitment to Cathy.

Maricha said...

I agree, my dislike of some characters is no reflection on the actors who portray them, it's all based on the scripts. By the same token though, just because I like an actor wouldn't make their character more sympathetic to me if it wasn't written into the script. Of course, some of that may be caused by the fact that I don't live in GB so I know next to nothing about these actors but I'm the same way about performers in general.
This also means that I believe it would be easy for the writers to make a character more sympathetic or understandable which would make them more popular and that if they don't do it, it's for a reason.Maybe, as you say Humpty Dumpty, the point of Cathy is to make viewers accept that Roy doesn't need to be married to be happy even though many viewers were wanting him to find his next Haley. I know that I was hoping for that when Haley died and now I've definitely changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

I just can't warm to the relationship of Roy and Cathy. As mentioned before, she is just too selfish, and rarely thinks before she acts. Roy deserves better.

Cobblestone said...

Since Alya believed it was a one-off indiscretion with her grandad & Sonya, one might have some sympathy with her saying nothing so as not to bring her grandmother's world crashing down - but it's the opportunistic spot of blackmailing that condemns her.

Zagg said...

I can not believe that they have Roy asking Alex to be his best man. What about Tyrone? It's so ridiculously contrived. I am not a fan of selfish Cathy and her mooching family. This is one marriage I hope fails, or better yet, not even take place.
After all these years, the character of Roy deserved better than a conniving selfish woman and her family being jammed down his throat. What has she ever done for Roy? when has she ever out him first? Uh...never. It's too much. And I am not someone who thinks he should forever carry the torch for Hayley. He just doesn't belong with Cathy.

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