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Monday 11 February 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - February 11 2013

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. 
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Gail’s legally liable for the lost loot to Lewis, says her bank, so she drowns her sorrows at the Rovers and returns home drunk only to find her house being valued so David and Kylie can buy it. She’s shunted off to live in the box bedroom and takes huff by going on strike. She refuses to look after Max without payment, does her own ironing and cooking and tells David she’s putting her foot down, now she’s a house guest and a paying lodger. She’s not best pleased about that box bedroom, and doesn’t mind saying so either.  She labels her eggs, marks the wine with a line and takes the box to the box room leaving David and Kirsty with no TV to watch and a burrowed frown, each.

Sally and Kirsty go to the Rovers together on a night out to moan about men. Kirsty’s got all the womenfolk of the parish on her side, believing her tall tales that Tyrone’s been beating her up. I just don’t buy this - that no one questions what Kirsty’s saying, it doesn’t make sense.  I might have ever yelled at the telly last week. Anyway, Kirsty leaves baby Ruth with Sophie at Sally’s house but Kevin offers to take over babysitting duties. He’s only doing so to help out Tyrone, who takes Ruby and does a runner to Wales with Fiz and baby Hope.  When Ches drives out to hand cash over to Fiz, he tells his sister what she’s doing is wrong, that Tyrone needs to give himself up to stand any chance of getting Ruby back and that he must go through he courts to prove he’s an innocent man. Fiz knows in her heart what Ches is saying is right and rings the cops. Yup, Fiz dobs Dobbs in.

Beth and Kirk are all loved up and ready to move in together, into the flat above the butcher’s shop, I say above the shop. Marcus and Maria were fed up with them living there, especially after Beth and Kirk took M&M to Canal Street on a night out. Maria storms out of a gay bar when Marcus spots someone he knows and she realises her shiny hair and womb are competing against Marcus’ history, his life,  his first, his last, his everything. Left alone in the bar he bumps into Sean who tries to figure out what Marcus is doing enjoying himself in a  gay bar when he says he wants to be with Maria.  I’m wondering the same, I can tell you.

Over at Roy’s Roll’s, Sylvia’s being secretive and lies to Roy that she’s lost her watch and won’t tell him why she’s all dolled up to the nines when she goes out for the day. Roy knows summat’s up but isn’t sure what, yet. It all falls into place when Roy gets Lloyd to reveal where his Streetcars cab dropped Sylvia off - the Canalside Road Casino.  Roy sneaks in to find Sylvia on the slots but is she skint or a gambling addict?

And finally this week, Anna goes to war with little Faye’s real dad Tim after he calmly suggests he has access to Faye, which is what Faye wants to. He’s already been beaten up by Owen but Anna sends him out with a flea in his ear and refuses to let him see Faye.

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Anonymous said...

So many story lines are being repeated. The Rovers is about to burn down. Done before, as are so many other situations. Why not just close up for awhile and redo the place??? Lately I'm finding that I can miss episodes of (my favourite and only "soap" style show), only to come back to find nothing much has changed. Am I the only person who feels this way? Am I expecting too much, being impatient?


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