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Monday, 18 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 18 February

Coronation Street, Monday 18th February at 7.30pm

GAIL FINDS A CLUE. David heads off to London for a course leaving Kylie at home. Meanwhile when Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details on, in the pocket of Lewis’s blazer, she realises it isn’t in Lewis’ handwriting. Will she discover who the writing belongs to?
GLORIA RETURNS BUT SHE’S NOT ALONE. Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced with Eric, her new fiancĂ©, in tow.
TIM’S JOB LOSS DEVASTATES FAYE. When Tim tells Faye he’s been laid off at work and will have to take a job in Kent she’s gutted. But determined to keep her dad nearby Faye soon comes up with a plan.
Elsewhere Mandy moves the rest of her stuff into Lloyd’s flat including Flash, her tortoise. Katy’s friends swoon over Ryan.

Coronation Street, Monday 18th February at 8.30pm

KYLIE BATTLES TO KEEP A LID ON HER SECRET. Kylie tries to deny it’s her handwriting but Gail can see through her lies and threatens to call the police. As Kylie is forced to admit to Gail that Lewis was blackmailing her, will she confess all about her one night stand?
STELLA AND GLORIA FALL OUT OVER THEIR MEN. When Gloria admits she’s only known Eric for 6 weeks Stella’s horrified, convinced she’s only after him for his money. But how will Gloria react when she discovers that Stella and Jason are an item?
TIM LANDS A JOB WITH JASON. Jason offers Tim a job as a labourer. Faye’s ecstatic whilst Owen’s annoyed that he’ll still be around and tries to talk Jason out of hiring Tim.
Elsewhere Steve and Lloyd realise they’ve unwittingly disposed of Flash the tortoise on the tip. Katy enjoys spending time with her girlfriends as they plan Steph’s 18th birthday at the bistro.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gail realizes it isn't Lewis' handwriting? Is this the same woman who wrote down all her banking info in her diary and then left that lying around for anyone to read?

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