Monday, 11 February 2013

Pics: Coronation Street sets fire to the Rovers Return

Coronation Street are working on a night shoot tonight as they set up to set fire to the Rovers Return.  All pictures copyright @itvcorrie via twitter. More pics will be added to this blog post as they come in.

The Rovers fire is being directed by Coronation Street Director Tony Prescott, the man who directed Corrie's 50th anniversary tram crash episode.

Here's Eccles in his flame proof little jacket. Aw!

Here's the fire fighters getting into position.

Here's Danny Hargreaves the special effects man at Coronation Street getting into position.

Here's actor Tony Hirst, who plays fireman Paul Kershaw, giving an interview while the stage is set for the blaze on Coronation Street.  Don't just stand there chatting, man! The pub! The pub! The pub's on fire!

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ChiaGwen said...

Did they say 'deathS' in the Rover's fire? Good way for Paul to go.

Cobblestone said...

Totally what I was thinking, ChiaGwen - let the boring bugger die a hero and then we'll be shot of 'im!

Beth said...

But they used a fictional character in the tram crash don't forget and had two firemen (or police men) mention it in passing as in "confirmed third death, poor bloke" type thing. Could do that again.

Anonymous said...

They're are all fictional characrees !!!!!

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