Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 27 February

Coronation Street, Wednesday 27th February at 7.30pm
KATY AND RYAN GROW CLOSER. Ryan’s flirtatious as Katy starts work at the kebab shop, suggesting they have a drink when they finish. Katy’s exhilarated by the hustle and bustle of work. But when Ryan showers her with compliments then moves in for a kiss will she respond?
STELLA REFEREE’S BETWEEN THE GRIEVING WIDOWS. Eva’s sceptical of her gran’s grief when Gloria contacts Eric’s solicitor to ask about his will. Eva insists on accompanying her to the funeral parlour, disgusted that she plans to use his money to splash out on a lavish funeral
KYLIE’S WORRIED AS DAVID OFFERS GAIL AN OLIVE BRANCH. Kylie encourages David to make the first move with Gail. But when he calls at the Websters, apologising and asking her to return home, will Gail explain the real reason why she left?
Elsewhere Fiz is pleased that Tyrone’s changed his mind and wants her to visit him in prison. But when he tells her to forget about him and move on with her life will she agree? Mandy takes Flash’s run to the tip but discovers more than she bargained for there!

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky but sad escape for Eric - that Gloria is a horrible person so wooden and money hungry but I suppose she got what she deserved being left on her own again. Then there's David left to fend for himself to run all the chores to work without mum Gail to do all for him - think it was a good move that he threw Gail out now David will have to grow up - but with David racing to Sally's to ask Gail to return - ooh I think he will be sorry as Gail will be so angry she will blurt out the secret - then the fireworks will fly

Frosty the Snowman said...

Stella was pretty awful to poor Eric just before he died telling him he was horrible just because he had realised what her ghastly mother was really like. Didnt Stella know he was telling the truth? She was the one that told Gloria the Bore never to darken her door again? Dislike the pair of em. Pity they cant be burnt to a crisp in the upcoming fire.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. How could Gloria make plans for Eric's money? She wasn't married to him.

ChiaGwen said...

I'm also confused....I don't remember Gloria saying they were married, so if they weren't how could there be a battle over his Will if he was legally married to someone else at the time? Could that necklace Eric gave Eva be some sort of heirloom worth a bit of change?

Loon the baloon said...

Lets hope the silly old fool hasnt left it all to her in his will, especially as he knew her all of 5 minutes!

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