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Monday 11 February 2013

Paparazzi pics of Tyrone and Kirsty's court case

There's paparazzi pics at The Mail online showing Kirsty and Tyrone's court case being filmed. 

The Mail says that Coronation Street have filmed two endings to Tyrone's court case - one with Kirsty getting banged up for bashing Ty, and the other with Tyrone being set up and sent down.  

Of course, even if Corrie have filmed two endings there can only be one shown, but what it is, is anyone's guess.  

Mind you, I'd lay good money on Kirsty getting her comeuppance - she has to, right?  All Corrie villains get what's coming to them in the end, don't they? 

Have a look at all the pics here.

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Janice. said...

Contracts speak louder than paparazzi. Tyrone is a long-term player whereas Kirsty was brought in specifically for this role. They could do another Frank Foster where they drag out the inevitable.

rozzibee said...

I'm getting bored of this story if I'm honest. It's been going on too long and every time I see Kirsty's face, I want to slap it.

Tyrone and Fiz have both been round there and she's admitted it, why haven't either of them had their mobile phone on record in their pocket!

Frank Foster didn't get sent down, even though he was guilty. Yes, I know he died but he was still found not guilty.

Wish corrie would just hurry up and do the right thing here.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's Kirsty. I can't take much more of the stress of hating someone the way I hate her!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

The old we have filmed two endings nonsense. Yes, and they will be filming most of the episodes following the trial's conclusion twice, so there will be two versions of the Street's reactions to the verdict.

It might be nice if this programme treated the viewers as if they possessed a brain cell or two.

OnlyinCanada said...

Why is Kirsty in handcuffs if she isn't under arrest?

Anonymous said...

Because they filmed TWO endings.

~JB in Canada

elvis86 said...

As Anonymous said, how are we expected to believe this when it would mean filming 6-8 weeks worth of alternative scenes that will never be aired?

Is not like they can show one outcome or the other, then have nobody refer to it for weeks after, and have both Tyrone and Kirsty disappear until they catch up with filming!?

Anonymous said...

Tyrone will probably be the one going down, at least temporarily. The deck is thoroughly stacked against him while there is still no evidence for Kirsty, and suddenly having her proven to be a liar and abuser herself would be pretty out of the blue.

Like all "wrongfully accused" storylines, Tyrone will have to rot in prison for a few months before being vindicated. Kirsty will get her comeuppance eventually, but not now.

Frasier said...

Glad to see Kirsty has her Sideshow Bob hairdo for the handcuffs scene.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty would like Kirsty to stay, she is a cracking actress and this taking in the neighbours could run for a little longer, Fed up with King Dolt Tyrone always being the victim, but as Alan Halsall is a long term player and won the best actor award, you dont have to be Einstein to guess who will be going down. Its a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty knows that Tyrone no longer loves her and has cheated on her but she wants him back - that is her end game (and her father's end game with her mother). She isn't doing this for revenge, like Frank was to Carla, she is doing this to prevent Tyrone from leaving her permanently - to give him no other alternative but to return to her.

Kirsty used to be a police woman and knows that stints in jail for beating people up are very short. Plan A would be Tyrone coming back to her now and her dropping the charges and Plan B would be Tyrone having a chance to miss Ruby and being more inclined to come back to her when he gets out.

Look at Kirsty's best friend in all this - Julie who finds abusers repulsive (who would find Kirsty repulsive if she knew the truth and Kirsty knows it). Julie is not Sally. Every thing that Julie says about Tyrone must hurt Kirsty - when she said that Tyrone might be violent to Ruby, that was probably not something that Kirsty wanted to hear because, basically Julie was saying that about anyone who would abuse their partners being capable of that. On the other hand, nothing Sally could say could hurt Frank.

Kirsty is motivated by fear - that is what causes her to be violent and controlling and to ultimately make her worst fears real. Fear of being alone. Fear of being found out, looked down on and being judged. What determines Kirsty's action at any given time is what she fears the most.

What Kirsty wanted was Tommy out of the picture because she saw him as a threat - the money issue and then basically preventing Tommy from repaying it or even discouraging him from wanting to repay it was just an end to a means - away of removing him from the picture - removing a threat.

The first time we saw her father, he put her down and there was a sense that nothing she did was good enough and that she was a big disappointment and then he made a very public rejection of her - she had a breakdown and took it out on Tyrone. My guess is that deep down she feels unlovable - even before discovering the phone.

Right now she sees Ruby as a means of getting Tyrone back - which is why Tyrone taking Ruby like that shakes her up.

She is not going to be able to keep it together much longer - her fears will get to her and trip her up in the end. Also, Kirsty seems to need someone to confide in about her life with her parents - just like Tyrone needed someone to confide the abuse he suffered at her hands to.

I think that the "yummy mummies" and Kirsty's former boyfriend will come forward. The incident was so small that Tyrone probably doesn't remember it but at least one mother saw Kirsty yell at him for going to the baby birthday after she told him not to (which is not what abused women tend to do).

The Kirsty storyline need not end just because everybody on the street will soon know the truth about her. She still has to cope with all her worst fears coming true.

I am hoping that Julie doesn't abandon her when she finds out the truth like Kirsty expect her to - and like everyone else will.


Anonymous said...

Wish it would end Corrie writers need a slap. Sick of this story line and the Gail and Lewis. We still have 4-6 weeks of this. About to turn off from Corrie after 33 yrs.

Chatty Kathy said...

I'm so past caring about this story. I don't care who gets jailed, who gets Rub-eh, what happens with Fiz and Tyrone, or any of it. This has gone on far too long, and I lost interest soon after Kirsty and Tyrone started to date. It can't end soon enough for me. I have just one wish though: please kill off Kirsty so we know this story won't rear its ugly head again.


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