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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Casino cash and dead Flash

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update.
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It’s Tyrone’s turn to wear the troubled tabard of shame. He’s locked up in prison charged with three counts of assault against Kirsty while Fiz is released back home.  It lies, all lies, we all know it’s lies but Tyrone’s in there, banged up inside the big house, and Kirsty’s getting all the women of the parish, who should know better, to side with her outside.

Fiz gets her job back at Roy’s Rolls to look after the chips, which is just as well as Roy’s got chips of another kind on his mind now. He finds out that mum Sylvia’s got a gambling addiction, and it’s been lies, all lies, about her losing her purse. The real reason she’s skint is she’s lost over two grand on casino slots.  So, when Roy displays his passion for numbers and counting, Sylvia hits on a plan. “You’re my Rain Man!” she screams and lights up, kerching, three cherries roll in her eyes.   

Roy ropes in Dennis and Ken and proceeds to knuckle down and cash in on a casino game of blackjack by counting the cards to increase his winning odds. And win he does, enough to give Sylvia her two grand back and to walk out of the casino and away from gambling with his head held high. But Sylvia wants more and begs Roy to return to play again and win more. “You’re as bad as Alec Gilroy!” he spits at her in the café before walking out. Those of us with elephantine memories (or good Googling skills) will recall/Google that Alec spotted in Roy the potential to make money out of his memory skills as a novelty turn but Roy turned him down flat.

Anna’s not best pleased when Owen smashes Faye’s laptop, venting his frustration about her seeing her dad. It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong in Anna’s house, just when Owen was starting to show a soft side, a caring side toward Anna and Faye, he goes and breaks it up, literally, metaphorically, stupidly. This leaves Faye’s dad Tim looking like the hero of the hour. He tells Anna he’s going to apply for custody of Faye and gets himself a job with Jason, much to Owen’s chagrin. Ooh, I do like that word, chagrin, not Owen. Owen, I’m not so keen on as a word and as a man. And Anna’s not been the same since Eddie Windass left.

Elsewhere, Mandy moves in with Lloyd and his natty cap, she even brings her tortoise called Flash who lives in a tatty old box.  The box is so old and so tatty that Steve thinks it’s junk and dumps it at the dump with the rest of Lloyd’s junk. Flash is no more, he is gone and quite dead and Lloyd needs to break the news to Mandy quite soon.  

Glorious, glittery Gloria returned this week, with her newly acquired fiancé, the wealthy old man Eric Babbage, in tow. “He’s very big in vinyl floor coverings. Huge, in fact,” she tells anyone who’ll listen. Gloria’s only back five minutes and she’s rubbed everyone up the wrong way, picked a  fight with Peter and Carla in the Bistro and alienated half of the Corrie fans she had before she left.

And finally this week, David’s gone on an ‘urdressing course in that London, leaving Kylie and Gail circling each other at home. When Gail spies Kirk in the Street wearing Lewis’ coat and cravat, she asks for the rest of Lewis’ clothes to be returned to her, from the butcher’s flat where Lewis had left them. Going through Lewis’ pockets, Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details and password scribbled on. She checks the handwriting against the reservations book at the Bistro and, by Jove, she discovers the culprit was Kylie.  Kylie begs Gail not to call the cops and tells Gail the truth, well, some of it, for now any road, although it’ll all come out in the backwash, just wait and see. Kylie admits Lewis was blackmailing her because she slept with someone else on Christmas Day, but she doesn’t tell Gail that it was her blue-eyed Nicky boy or indeed, that the baby could be his. 

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bbhilda said...

The biggest stretch in credibility this week was expecting the viewer to believe that a coat belonging to Lewis, would be big on Kirk - even too long in the sleeve! The skinny little man who needed built up shoes and all! LOL!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why did Lewis even leave his clothes behind most of the expensive and some silk boxers when he had been planning this for ages. Is sqashing the poor tortoise passing for Corrie 'humour' these days? Suppose it gives Steve a chance to do what he does best: stand at the bar of the Rovers and pull faces. Daft.

Dolly Tubb said...

Tabard of Shame - LOL!

Roy - my Hero (swoon!)

Owen - like a 'Terrible Two's Temper Tantrum' all of his own. Anger management perhaps? It has been a (very well handled) problem with Kirsty, but seemingly with Owen just something his daughters can talk Owen out of and everyone else just rolls their eyes and sighs. Male/female thing perhaps?

Gail - spiteful little cow. Anyone remember *her* 'who's the daddy?' story - think it was when she was having Nick?

Anonymous said...

So kisty living in tyrone home and he has no asscess to ruby,suck it up tyrone boot them out of your house Good bye kisty,no place to go.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dolly Tubb- Gail had the affair with Brian's Australian cousin Ian Lattimer-they did not know if Sarah Louise was Brian's or Ian's.


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