Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Helen Fraser joins Coronation Street

The wonderful actress Helen Fraser is joining Coronation Street next week.  Helen is a British actress with an enormous amount of experience on TV, she's got the kind of face you think you know and have seen everywhere - and indeed, you probably have.

Helen joins Corrie as Doris, the wife of Gloria Price's fancy man, Eric.  Doris turns up after Eric pops his clogs and she battles Gloria for Eric's will.

Helen might be best remembered for her role in Bad Girls as Sylvia Hollamby.

She's also appeared in The Dick Emery Show; A Day Out; Intensive Care; Faries; Tales of the Unexpected; The Bird Fancier; Rising Damp; Duty Free; The Two Ronnies; One Foot in the Grave.

And Helen has appeared in Coronation Street before. Back in 1998 she played the part of hypnotherapist Magenta Savannah, who tried to cure Jack Duckworth from smoking. This hypnotherapy enabled Jack to resurect "Lusty Jack" Johnson from his subconscious which he played on for the next week.

There's an interview with Helen here in which she talks about her first time on the cobbles in '98 in Corrie, it's worth a little read. She reveals that when she was in Corrie in 1998 she was brought in as a love interest for Jack Duckworth but then Corrie changed its mind on the storyline.

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Graeme N said...

She's a great actress! I hope she stays around longer than Timothy West! I Wasn't she in Billy Liar?

Anonymous said...

Yes Graeme she was. Nice lady - worked with her on a photo-shoot once - which took place, co-incidentally, at Granada on the old New York set which stood on what had been the original outdoor Corrie set.

Beth said...

I'm looking forward to Helen Fraser being in Corrie. She is the type of actress that comes from that old fashioned Corrie mold, if you know what I mean. And goodness knows I feel we need it right now.

Having said that, she hasn't arrived yet so I could be totally wrong.

maggie muggins said...

Oh, Hollamby! Yes! And yes to an older addition. Hope she stays a good while, if they don't ruin the character.

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