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Thursday 14 February 2013

Sue Johnston reveals what it's like being Corrie's Gloria Price

Gloria Price is proving to be a bit of a Marmite character on Coronation Street. I love her, but from some of the comments left here on the Coronation Street Blog whenever we blog about her, it's clear not everyone feels the same way and her character really splits fan opinion.

Well, love her or hate her, Gloria returns to the Street on Monday and this time, as we know, she brings her fella Eric, played by veteran actor Timothy West.

There's an excellent interview in today's Mirror with Sue Johnston, who plays Gloria Price.  Sue says she gets more attention from the public as Gloria than she ever did as the wonderful Sheila Grant from Brookside.

She says: “It is a high-profile soap but I have been quite shocked really by the reaction. Even when I was in Brookside and The Royle Family I didn’t really get recognised. But the other day I was in Manchester and, even without Gloria’s wig on, I only had to speak and someone said, ‘Oh, it’s Gloria!’ The Street is far bigger than anything I have ever experienced. When I go to Liverpool to watch the football I have always been Sheila Grant but now it’s Gloria! I also have people saying to me, ‘I’m seriously going off you now. You are a nasty piece of work’. It’s very funny.”

Sue says she wouldn't like to see Gloria settle down. “She has got to be a wild card, really, to keep everyone guessing – that’s what makes her more interesting. But he obviously has got a past and that is all rather exciting. Gloria is very straight-talking. She is the sort of woman that I wish I had the courage to be sometimes. She really doesn’t care what people think. Sometimes I think that is rude. I don’t think I could be as insensitive as her but it’s great to play someone like that because they get the best lines.”

So, who's looking forward to the return of the Golden Glo?

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njblas said...

Sue Johnston is a great actress, and should be a huge asset to Corrie...but judging by the mostly negative comments here, her character just hasn't worked. Too over the top and constantly annoying without anything much in the way of redeeming features. I am hoping that the writing for her character will improve considerably this time, and we will see a few other sides to her character. This would make her more human and more enjoyable to watch. Having said that, I have been hoping for years that something similar would happen to the character of Tracy Barlow. Still waiting:(

Anonymous said...

didnt they said that about stella now she is likable character i love gloria character i think it something they need

Bill Hickocks said...

Sigh, I think everything that needs to be said, has been said about this character.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Gloria's is to develop, she needs to make friends on the Street and have a purpose in life outside of the family.Mind you, the same is true of Gail, Sally and Deirdre!

Anonymous said...

Well Gail & Sally (as much as I don't like them), and Deidre all have friends on the street, so what kind of purpose in life do you think they should have??


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