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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Corrie weekly awards, Feb 11 - 15

Rain Man award: Roy could count cards and calcuate the odds in his sleep. He even makes hand written spreadsheets. Wonderful.

Love is blind award: Addled star: Everyone seems to be of the opinion that love makes you stupid. In Fiz's case, they're right.

Psychic award: Fiz didn't tell Chesney where she was but we saw him put the phone down and then he showed up where she was.

Short memory award: After all Eileen went through with Paul and poor Lesley, wasn't it a bit insensitive for her to refer to Sylvia as "losing her marbles"?

Queen Bee award: Gail.

Busted award: Sylvia's been gambling.

The Truth will out award: Will Sylvia come clean about America? She owes a lot of money and it's mounting fast.

Hard Faced Cow award: Who do you think? Tracy Barlow.

No Win Situation award: Anna is backed into a corner and Owen isn't helping matters.

Martyr syndrome award: Tyrone is blaming himself for everything. I guess Kirsty's done her job well.

Blast from the Past award: Roy felt like a circus act in the casino and accused his mother of being worse than Alec Gilroy.

Lines of the Week:
Katy "Love's done something to her brain" (and it's not the first time, is it?)
Sunita "I suppose love can addle your brain" (voice of experience)
Gail "Box bedroom" "Box bedroom" "Box bedroom"
and "If it feels like a box and looks like a box, it PROBABLY IS A BOX!"
Tracy to Katy (re them being in on Ty's escape) "You could all have your own wing!" (in prison)
Tracy about Chesney "Blind loyalty. I think it's a ginger thing". Sunita "She came in for loaf, not a lecture!"

David "This sucks like a vaccuum on speed"
Gail "Bees are so clever!" (Brilliant scene!)
Kylie "It's telly. Or a divorce."
Audrey about Gail "She loves to think that she's the glue that keeps the family together"
Sylvia, eyeing Jenna and Sophie "This place gets more like a 1930s Berlin nightclub every day"
Sylvia to Roy "Don't be such a drama queen."
Owen "No, love, I'm not a bully" (yes you are and you proceeded to show it)
Roy "Do I look consipcuous?" Sylvia "No more than usual"
Tina to Tyrone "Be a man and call her yourself"
Roy "Check my coat in, Mother, I think we're stopping"
Sylvia "The one time you do something I can be proud of and you go and spoil it!"

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Anonymous said...

Lighbulb moment..Carla knows Kirsty is lying and sticks up for Fiz.

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