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Sunday 24 February 2013

Is Gail turning into Ivy Tilsley?

This will be a rhetorical question for those of us who know and remember - with a shudder - the character of Ivy Tilsley. Of course Gail is turning into her mother-in-law and that's what makes her so much fun to watch.

For those Corrie fans who aren't old enough to remember Ivy Tilsley, let's have a look at the evidence.  Ivy was bitter, twisted, miserable and lonely. And so, now is Gail.  And where Ivy had her religion to seek solace in, Gail drowns her sorrows with Freshco own brand red wine and ten boxes of olives.

Ivy Tilsley was the mother of our Brian, Gail's first - and second - husband.  In Ivy's eyes, our Brian was her blue-eyed boy who could do no wrong.  Ivy thought Gail was nowhere near good enough for her son, and let her know about it too, often.

Gail's now taken on the mantle of the bitter, old biddy that was Ivy, wearing the Corrie mother-in-law from hell crown with as much sour-faced style as Ivy once did.  Gail feels the same way about Kylie that Ivy once felt about her, she even said so herself.

But how quickly Gail forgets. As she harrumphs at and gets all high and mighty with Nick and Kylie for having it off behind David's back producing a baby on the way with parentage unknown, let's look back at when Gail went through the same thing herself.  Married to Brian, Gail had a fling with Brian's Australian cousin Ian Latimer and ended up pregnant with the baby who would become Sarah-Lou.  It was only by taking a blood test that Gail found out who the real father was after the baby was born.

Oh, Gail. Kettle calling pot black, methinks. But isn't it good fun to watch?

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Carry On Blogging! said...

Excellent! I've long thought they were turning Gail into the new Ivy!

Llifon said...

If you look at the Platt family album from a couple of years ago (on Youtube I think), you can see how similar Ivy and Gail are. There's even a clip of Gail morphing into Ivy. It began with Nick dating Leanne 16 years ago. Gail had the same reaction to Ivy.

It is like the Gail/Brian/Ian affair again.

corrierules said...

I so wish someone would remind Gail about the Ian Latimer incident. Also wouldn't it be lovely if Audrey told Gail, "You remind me more and more of Ivy every day!"

Humpty Dumpty said...

Well, they say a man marries his mother so Gail was bound to turn into Ivy. She's got two daughters-in-law to fall out with, and no-one was never good enough for Sarah-Lou. She's obviously not going to become a dragons den candidate so she needs to remarry. That was how Ivy was slightly redeemed with Don patching things up in the family.

Anonymous said...

Although I feel there is a certain resemblance between the two, Gail has many more comic moments than I ever remember Ivy having - thank goodness!

Elaine said...

I've seen glimpses of Ivy in Gail for years. I think even Martin commented on it once or twice. Within days we've seen Gail go from shame to smug, she needs a lecture from Audrey.

Anonymous said...

What's that saying? We all turn into our mothers? Well, in Gail's case it's her mother-in-law! Whatever we think we're better than, no doubt we'll end up down the same path to sort us out.

Anonymous said...

A resounding YES she is!!!

And I still think it's creepy the way she's always clung to her boys and no girl has ever been good enough. It's beyond creepy, going towards incestuous.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad to see this side of Gail coming out..really nasty and spiteful hag and her calling Nick a hypocrite!! Great stuff!!

Tvor said...

I love love LOVE Gail! I enjoy it all, all the misery, the silliness, the pig headedness, the uber-mom, the judgemental woman. All of it! :))) I think Audrey is the only one left that would remember Gail's affair with Ian and that was a full blown affair, not a one night stand.

ChiaGwen said...

Corrierules: I couldn't agree more! Audrey needs to remind Gail about Ian L. in front of Sally, Nick and Kylie (not David as I don't want him to know about Kylie and Nick).

Anonymous said...

You're right there but I think it should include David with David and Kylie discussing names and Audrey suggesting Ian just to see Gail's face when she remembers that her mother has the dirt on her and if she's not careful Audrey will expose her hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just had one of those 'palm slaps on forehead' moments. THAT'S who my MiL reminds me of - Ivy Tilsley. She even looks like her. Thankfully she's in the Welsh valleys and I'm in Australia!
Evil, vindictive, manipulative old witch who has such an obsession with having to be the centre of her son's world she gave him a 'her or me' ultimatum while I was holding her baby granddaughter. Don't give ultimatums people - they bite you on the bum.
Wow, Ivy Tilsley. I'm gong to refer to her as Ivy from now on.


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