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Monday 25 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 25 February

Coronation Street, Monday 25th February at 7.30pm 

EVA HAS A CHANGE OF HEART. Eric presses Eva for an answer to his proposition, she’s undecided, but after a hellish day at work will Eva accept Eric’s offer to travel round the world with him?
GAIL STRUGGLES TO HOLD HER TONGUE. Gail’s in turmoil as David brings Kylie home from hospital. Nick begs her not to dwell on it but Gail can’t resist having a dig at Kylie. When David overhears them rowing he demands to know what’s going on. As a defiant Gail challenges Kylie to tell him the truth will she confess all?
KATY FINDS SOLACE WITH RYAN. Chesney’s angry when hung-over Katy admits she spent £50 on her night out. Katy is cheered when Ryan thanks her for getting him his first DJ gig.
Elsewhere Jason and Tim set off to Leeds on a job. Faye’s disappointed she won’t see her dad for a week but Anna and Owen are quietly relieved. Jenna warns Lloyd that Mandy’s preparing to take Flash out of hibernation, will he come clean Lloyd about her pet’s demise.

Coronation Street, Monday 25th February at 8.30pm

ERIC AND EVA’S RELATIONSHIP IS SHORT-LIVED. Stella’s outraged Eva’s considering running off with Gloria’s ancient fianc√©. But Eva takes umbrage, opening up about how unhappy she is in Weatherfield. Stella softens, reassuring Eva and begging her not to go with Eric. Eva prepares to let Eric down gently but is horrified to find he has died in the Rovers bar!
KYLIE FEELS GUILTY FOR FORCING GAIL OUT. With Nick’s eyes burning into her, Gail loses her bottle and blusters that Kylie doesn’t want the baby. A row escalates and when Gail refuses to apologise, David orders her out. After confiding in Sally will a devastated Gail leave or will she decide it’s time David knew the truth?
KATY GETS A NEW JOB. Ryan asks Katy to work with him in the kebab shop. Intrigued, she agrees to an interview with Dev, who offers her the job. Katy’s delighted but how will Chesney react to her news?
Elsewhere Anna’s cross to find Faye having a video conversation with Tim on her laptop. Lloyd lies to Mandy, saying he found Flash dead in his box and has had him cremated.

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Anonymous said...

Gail is really getting on my nerves. She has the cheek to call Kylie & Nick hypocrites! Some of us have longer memories than she apparently has.

Anonymous said...

Gail will tell Audrey what the grisley trio have been up to and of course Audrey will blame Gail..I am really enjoying this storyline I must say..the acting is tops and Gail is such a sour on IMO
Eva..mmmm....pair her up already. Give her a go at poor Dr. Carter, or is he even a cast member anymore?
Faye is going to do something bad to Owen.

ChiaGwen said...

Can Gail make us dislike her even more? She is willing to ruin three people's lives just to get back at Kylie, when there is a 50/50 chance the baby is David's. Never have I loved Lewis SO much for what he did to Gail. Agree Gail has a very short memory when it comes to 'who's the baby Daddy?'.

Anonymous said...

Gail even a shorter memory period than this blog mentions...She nearly ruined her family when she was perfectly sober and perfectly rational when she made the decision to sacrifice loyalty to her mom Audrey and decided to run away with Lewis. At least Kylie and Nick had the excuse that they were both drunk when they hopped into bed... so now Gail gets up quick as a flash on HER high horse and insists on telling the truth? For what purpose? Either way, the kid is going to be HER grandchild but then exposing this little detail will blow the family apart. And she's likely going to be alone... at least that's the logic that should be going through her pea-sized brain at the moment... or maybe the pea-sized brain of the writers who wrote this angle of the dialogue for Battleaxe Gail... hmmmmmmmm...

Janice said...

I like the idea of Gail as a villain you love to hate. Tracy was never liked so that has not worked. Parachuting in Kirsty did not work because we did not know her, so we plain hated her.


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