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Monday 11 February 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday February 11

Such an idyllic scene in Anglesey - snow on the ground, a beautiful guest house and a young family enjoying breakfast, who have turned down the invitation from Will and Kate to visit. Now we switch to a desperate woman clutching a white rabbit, who despite what we know about her - her crazy jealousy, her beating her husband.- we might still feel some sympathy for. She appears anguished, clutching the white rabbit, the subject of a denunciation of her baby's father. 'If he was any kind of father he'd have taken white rabbit.'

Oh Gail! The Queen bee of Weatherfield. Well she certainly made her point - removing the telly, marking the bottle of wine, refusing to take Max to school and not doing the ironing, because as she says, 'Lodgers do not iron their landlord's clothes. This is a new dawn' she points out. So Gail has taken the telly upstairs. This is unbearable for Kylie who says it's a new telly or a divorce, then stomps off to bed.

Naturally Fiz and Tyrone are the subject of much gossip and speculation. Sylvia though is not so much considering the well-being of the children as the outrage of Fiz having 'disappeared into the night with never a thought for the staff rota'. When challenged about the whereabouts of her watch and the fact that she had not been to the salon so could not have left it there, Sylvia, very amusingly says, 'Behold the all-knowing, all-seeing fruit of my womb' and then cries, 'It's official! I'm either doolally or mendacious' surely a competitor for best line of the evening. There's more too. As Sylvia emerges looking glam, Hayley, being her usual kind self says, 'Somebody looks nice.' This is Sylvia who finds it impossible just to accept the compliment, which is good for us, as she comes out with, 'Is there anything more tiresome than third party banter, she wondered aloud.' Roy is concerned about his mum of course and this concern provokes another great line from Sylvia who wonders if he'd like to sew mittens into her sleeves. Good stuff, writers!

So Sylvia is gambling! Bit of a shock really, though she does seem to be enjoying herself. at least for now. The papers tell us of course that gambling is on the rise due to the recession, which is not a shock at all.
Tracy though does present a challenge for best line. As the gossip builds up about Fiz and Tyrone, Tracy, the murderer, sees fit to express her own views on what the future holds for the abductors and their extended family and sees fit to attack poor Katy assuming she is in on the crime. 'She's a kidnapper and he's a wife beater.'  Tracy concludes that they'll all go to jail and quips that they could have their own wing.' In protective mode Sunita tells Tracy that Katy came in for a loaf not a lecture. Returning home Katy catches Chesney stuffing something in his pocket. He claims it's a handkerchief, so she lunges and pulls out a bundle of money, asking him if he's now blowing his nose on twenty pound notes.

Arriving at The Hope and Anchor (symbolic?) Fiz buys an orange juice and waits for her brother, who loyally arrives and gives her the cash. When the police come knocking at the guest house, we realise that it was Fiz who contacted the police, knowing that this 'pipe-dream' had to end.  
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Cobblestone said...

I'm so glad we've switched so quickly from Tragic Gail back to Comedy Gail. I laughed out loud several times during these episodes. The 'Aren't bees clever?" speech was genius!

abbyk said...

And there was something about Faye and her father. Yeah, I didn't pay attention either.

So glad Gail found her spine. What a stupid, contrived situation, but at least she remembered to value herself.

Frosty the Snowman said...

The episodes yesterday were good and have much improved lately. Is Mr Blackburn at the helm yet? Although I do find this Sylvia gambling addict a bit boring but I suppose now the actress has at last returned they have to do sommat with her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

So now Stella will be advising Roy and Hayley on how to deal with a gambling addict in the family.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely sure that Karl and Sylvia will find they have gambling in common ... and they'll run off together.

~JB in Canada :-)


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