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Monday 25 February 2013

Gin and tonic please, luvey!

God bless Dame Audrey Roberts, that's what I say. Amidst all the chaos in the Platt/McIntyre family with David all shouty, Kylie all pale and Gail all, well Gail, Audrey's first reaction was to request a large gin and tonic. Such class.

This made me think, what does a Corrie character's alcoholic drink of choice say about them? 

Now Audrey is a classy lady. Old Aud and Alma used to boost the Rovers takings no end as they put the world to rights over countless gins. The classiest, most glamorous characters in Corrie always drink gin, Elsie Tanner always did after all. It is also normally the preferred drink of any posh outsiders. And being this Blogger's own favourite tipple, of course it is the best.

Rita is normally a vodka and tonic gal. Now I don't mind a VAT but in my eyes it is a low grade equivalent of gin. This befits Rita's status as seller of sherbet lemons, Sugar Girl magazines and wearer of chunky diamante knits. I imagine she got a taste for vodka back in her days as t'Gatsby's resident turn and all round good time girl!  

In complete contrast, Emily will only occasionally sip a sweet sherry, particularly if Norris has driven her to it. I would imagine St Ella of the Back Room only keeps schooners in the Rovers bar for Emily these days. I hope, once Emily departs the cobbles, we don't discover she was a secret hoarder of sherry glasses as apparently the much-missed Betty was with pint pots. (Seriously though, what a stupid idea that was. As if Betty would do that).

Mary demonstrated the other night that she had missed her calling as a cocktail maker. When I first glimpsed her behind the bar at the Bistro I thought Tom Cruise had arrived in Weatherfield and changed sex. I was impressed by Mary's cocktail repertoire and it acted as a good distraction from the budding flirtation between beige Ryan and pointless Katy. 

As for the younger characters, if they are not knocking back pints of Newton and Ridley they will be, woe betide them, necking fizzy lager straight from the bottle. Gone are the days of classy drinkers like Becky "Pint of Snakebite" McDonald. I've gone all misty-eyed at the thought. Fair play to her though, she made a litre of cider the must have wedding day accessory. 

Spare a thought for poor old Gail, Sally and Deirdre though. Their drinking habits don't stretch to anything more exotic than a bottle of Freshco's red. I wonder if they pop it in the fridge like Abigail? Bless her heart. At least Gail's still got plenty of olives.

So what of the other Coronation Street residents? What do you think should be their tipple of choice? Would you like to see Eileen enjoy a Slippery Nipple? Would Norris benefit from Sex on the Beach? Although maybe not at this time of year. And I'm sure many of you out there would love to see Tommy Duckworth's Woo Woo. 

Right, I'm off for a quick Snakebite before bed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Eva wouldn't mind a 'slow comfortable screw against the wall'.

ChiaGwen said...

Cactus Banger for Tracy....prickly and ....well you know she does the second word.

Jug Wobbler for Eva....if ever a drink were made for someone..!

Carry On Blogging! said...

haha i laughed out loud at that!!

Janice said...

Water for Stella because both are everywhere and both are bland.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh well said Janice!!


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