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Sunday 24 February 2013

Your Corrie heroes and villains of the week

It's time to discuss our Corrie heroes and villains from the past week. I've had another long journey up the M6 today (joy) to think long and hard about the past week on Coronation Street. Picking my villain of the week was incredibly easy, but for me there was a shortage of heroes.

So here goes. If you had to pick one Coronation Street character who you particularly love at the moment and one you particularly hate, who would they be? Only one each please, and remember I am asking for characters, not actors! 

My hero of the week has to be new arrival, Eric Babbage. I think Eric is a super addition, brilliantly played by that terrific actor, Timothy West. Well done Corrie for securing his services, if only for a short period. 

Anyway, I really like Eric and found his scenes with Eva very touching. I also think he is far too good for that common baggage, Gloria! Eric has brought a gentle sensitivity to the Price household that has been sorely missing up until now. He is also my hero for that scene with the oldies when he thought Norris and Sylvia were Mary's parents! A wonderful moment!

So now we come to my villain of the week. There is only one candidate for this title as far as I'm concerned - Granite faced Gail McIntyre. The ever-perceptive Flaming Nora has blogged here about Gail's growing resemblance to mother in law from hell, the late Ivy Tilsley, and if ever that comparison was justified, it was this week.

It just shows how simply horrid Gail has become that even though Kylie has cheated on her husband with his brother, doesn't know who her baby's father is and ends up in hospital after a binge drinking session, I still side with her instead of Gail. I know Gail hasn't had the best luck in the world, but she really is her own worst enemy at the moment and urgently needs a change of direction before she becomes "Norma Bates with a Briefcase"...No? Oh well! I was quite pleased with that one!

So let's have your Corrie hero(ine) and villain(ess) from the past week in Weatherfield. RIght, I'm off with Yvette Fielding to hunt down the ghost of Ivy Tilsley.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree: Eric and Gail.

Eric's wonderful but they'd probably ruin him too if he had a long term story. He'd be an in your face entrepreneur, upsetting everyone. He works as a character at the moment because there's nothing much for him to do but act. And he's acting his socks off. He makes it look effortless. What class!

Janice said...

Villain: Steve Mac Donald. I do not find animal cruelty amusing, even in a back-street soap. Does wanting to smash his face in count as animal cruelty?

Hero: Sunita for knowing she is better than Gloria. I enjoyed her giving back to Gloria, hence alerting Eric to what lay ahead.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I agree with you about Sunita, Janice! That was a good scene. I get your point about Steve, but I can't help but have a soft spot for him!

Peter said...

Hero of the Week: Gail. Yes, Gail. The worst thing about the storyline with David, Kylie, her and the house is there REALLY are kids like that. Who does David think he is, bossing his own mother about. I think it's shocking, and well done to Gail for getting the truth out. Slapper Kylie's days are numbered!

Villain of the Week: A close one between weedy Nick and Gloria. Any other week, I'd pick Nick Tilsley, but Gloria just pips him this week. The way she gets out of doing any work at the pub and is just take, take, take is appalling. I'm so glad Sunita raised the issue of Gloria's "terminal illness."

Llifon said...

Hero: Eric - I like him.

Villain: Gloria. Her screeching in the Rovers and Bistro was annoying and her insulting the punters is not funny. I'm glad that Eric has seen through her.

Anonymous said...

Hero: Eric. Just a nice guy. Makes a change from some of the men right now!

Villain: VERY tough choice - I don't know who riled me more, Gail or Gloria. Didn't like her first time around, and she's worse now. But Gail!! Holy God! Hovering around that hospital room just waiting to strike like a vulture. Horrible bitch.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Gail is back in fine sour-faced form...about time!!

Dolly Tubb said...

Hero: Eric. What a shame he's not here for long. Could have been an Alf ROberts-type character - a proper gentleman.

Villain: Owen. He is a physical and psychological bully, yet everyone seems to treat him as though this is an endearing trait the he will grow out of. Kirsty will get her come-uppance but will Owen? Is it OK for men to behave this way?

Anonymous said...

How is Gail a villain?! She loves David and is no doubt worried sick what will happen if he loses Kylie, the woman he loves, and their baby. Plus, fair play to Gail for not letting Nick off the hook- she let him know what she thought of what he had done. I thought she'd be thinking up excuses for him...

And all this, may I remind people, is to a couple who just days ago were gloating about shoving her in the box bedroom.

Gail is showing restraint!

ChiaGwen said...

Never mind in the box room, Gail belongs in a box. I actually think she would have done a little dance if Kylie had died, then she'd have little David all to herself again. Gail is on her never-ending high horse and that horse needs to rear up and throw her clear across to London. Oh, forgot to say she is my villain of the week and probably for the next foreseeable future.
Agree the hero is Eric. Fab acting, loved all his scenes, especially with Eva. Too bad he was only short-term.

Chatty Kathy said...

To those who are impressed with Gail's superior morality, I would like to remind you that Gail herself was in the exact same situation as Kylie is now. When she was pregnant with Sarah, she didn't know if the father was her then husband, or his cousin. She has no business on that high horse of hers.

My hero of the week: Eva, for smacking Toxic Tracy in the face. I'd like to watch that on a loop.

My villain of course is the hypocritical hateful Gail.


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