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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Yay or Nay - was Fiz right to dob Dobbs in?

Was Fiz right to dob in Tyrone last night on Coronation Street? Although I was surprised that she'd done so, and I was growling at the screen when it looked like Katy might call the cops, I'm pleased Fiz did the right thing in the end.  There was no way the two of them could escape the country with two little kids and no cash.

I am finding it hard to believe that none of the women, none of them, on the street believe Tyrone's story, not even Sally, who should know better.  But let's suspend belief otherwise we'll be throwing shoes at the telly for the next few weeks, months or however long it's going to drag on for until Tyrone or Kirsty spend their day in court.

Anyway, was Fiz right to dob in Tyrone?  Yay or Nay? I say Yay.

And now he's been arrested on child abduction charges, there's only two words left to say - Free Tyrone!  Have a look at Free Tyrone campaign pictures here.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Nay, she stitched him up good and proper. She should have refused to run away with him and dobbed him in then if she was going to do it at all. Fizz has been a millstone since Day 1. How far is deepest Wales from Weatherfield by the way, Chesney seemed to get there in record time with no car either.

Bezza said...

Why did Fiz hand Hope over to the police?

Mary Prankster said...

Fiz gave Hope to one of the officers to hold, so that she could take Ruby from Tyrone. I think the reasoning was that he would be more likely to give her up to Fiz than to an officer.
I can't believe that Fiz didn't understand that Tyrone would then be arrested.
I keep finding it hard to have sympathy for these two, when they keep behaving so stupidly. When the story is so poorly written, it removes all the capacity to identify with the characters, and not caring what happens to them is the kiss of death for loyal viewership. Unfortunately, this applies not just to Fiz and Tyrone, but to several other people as well.

Tvor said...

Chesney does have the use of Gary's van.

abbyk said...

How is it that time and again, teenaged Chesney is the voice of rational maturity?

Yeah, it was the right thing to do, after a string of very bad decisions. It isn't just about them, there are 2 babies whose needs outweigh everything. Fiz has been a parent longer, wasn't quite as desperate, and did something. It's a shame, too, because the core abuse story was so compelling until they added the romance. I wish they had kept them as friends and hadn't dumbed them down beyond the point of caring. A harder story to write, but a better one to watch. Oh well.

Janice. said...

I think Fiz should have spoken to Tyrone and tried to persuade hi instead of the deception. He was betrayed by the last person he expected to do so. I am guessing Tyrone will shut down. He will get Ruby, Kirsty will go to jail but Fiz and Tyrone will be over. Between Jackie, Molly, Kirsty and Fiz he is unlikely to trust another woman again.


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