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Saturday 16 February 2013

Your Corrie heroes and villains of the week

It's time to discuss our Corrie heroes and villains from the past week. I've had a lot longer than usual to think about this, thanks to a delightful seven hours on the motorway to London today. 

Imagine my frustration at not being able to blog or even access our wonderful Coronation Street Blog during that time! Anyway, I'm back in That London this week, though thankfully not with Sean and Marcus. However that doesn't stop me dreaming of all things Weatherfield. So here goes. 

If you had to pick one Coronation Street character who you particularly love at the moment and one you particularly hate, who would they be? Only one each please, and remember I am asking for characters, not actors! Let's keep it nice! 

I found it quite easy to pick both hero(ine) and villain(ess) this week. My hero of the week has to be Roy Cropper himself! What a joy old Royston is every time he appears on screen. Sadly, with Hayley mostly absent of late he hasn't had a great deal to do, but David Neilson was back firing on all cylinders this past week. I love the development of Roy's relationship with mum Sylvia. They are at once both very distant and incredibly close, a situation that many of us can probably identify with when it comes to our parents (or our children)! Roy was a delight to watch during the casino scenes and I loved watching him stand up against the world of gambling and defend his mother's honour. I hope their relationship continues to blossom even after Hayley leaves.

So after these lovely scenes, we come to my villain of the week. There is only one candidate for this title as far as I'm concerned - Owen Armstrong. I loathe this character. Yes, I know he cares for his daughters and, we are led to believe, for Anna, but I just don't care for him. His bullyboy tactics and unpleasant aggressiveness leave precious little to like as far as I can see. He just never learns and quite frankly I do not understand why Anna would choose him over poor old Eddie. I mean Eddie made the best cakes in Weatherfield! That would be enough for me! Owen is way out of line with all this Faye business and I hope Anna finally sees him as the control freak bully he is. 

So let's have your Corrie hero(ine) and villain(ess) from the past week in Weatherfield. I'm off to see if Royston will take me out to the casino!

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Llifon said...

Hero: Roy, his scenes in the casino were Corrie class!

Villain: Sophie. Despite her having Jenna, she's still has a sour face. And how selfish can you be? She doesn't let Jenna widen her horizons career wise. Why don't you go with her to wherever her next job will be! The charm and twinkle Sophie had has now faded which is a shame!

Anonymous said...

Hero: As much as I hate to say it (cuz I can't stand her) I'd say Carla for taking on those gullible bitches and Kirsty -vs Fiz.

Villain: Owen, for sure. He's gonna wreck his relationship with Anna (fine by me - IF Eddie somehow came back!).

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

What a classic quartet..Roy, Sylvia, Ken and Dennis...perfect timing the dialogue was spot on...great episode. Roy coming to his mum's rescue. I think it won't be so bad after all when Haley goes. Hopefully Sylvia will stick around.
Villan...never thought I'd think it but Audrey is grating on my nerves. She should be helping her daughter IMO. Gail has been punished enough.

Charlotte.L said...

Heroine: Carla. I loved the way she defended Fiz. She practically called Kirsty, Julie and Eileen bullies and I also loved her telling Julie, "It's Mrs Connor". Thank YOU Carla.

Hero: Peter. He doesn't believe Kirsty and he's the only one who seems to remember that Tyrone 'wouldn't hurt a fly'. Thank YOU Peter.

Villain: Owen for obvious reasons.

Beth said...

A few contenders for Hero this week, Roy of course and then Gail for standing up to her kids for once. But Carla wins it for me (and I'm not a Carla fan) because the scene on the street was a great one when she took on the bullies. It was good to see strong Carla, not the drunken lush hanging off Peter's arm. And of course brill to see Julie, Eileen and Kirsty get a right old telling off. YAY!

Villain - Bully Boy Owen - no explanation needed!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hero has to be Royston and to a degree Sylvie for saying what needed to be said that Anna stand gossiping with her family and then disappearing for another crisis Windass is a lazy waste of space.

Villan - well pretty sick of Owen now and to me the character has been exhausted, rumour has it Tim will get together with Anna although she is about 10 years older than her. And for me Fizz: She should have had the strength of character to have stopped Ty running away with two kids or if she was going to turn grass then do it BEFORE he went instead of going along with it all and then Dobbing in Dobbs which however way you dress it up was a betrayal.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I have to agree with Frosty about Fiz. If she had really loved Tyrone she would have made him see sense about the crazy plan to run away. And if he had really loved her, he wouldn't have made her do it.

Anonymous said...

But Tyrone didn't make Fiz go with him, he was going to go on his own, it was Fiz who insisted she go with him and I think that was after she tried to talk Tyrone out of it but he was adamant that running away with Ruby was his only option. Not the best idea he's had but he was a desperate father. I wouldn't trust Kirsty to look after a dog never mind a baby.

Anonymous said...

The sooner they get rid of Owen the better he has no redeeming qualities what so ever.
He has always been a bullying control freak to his daughters (buying your daughter a baby doesn't make him a good father in my opinion) and his treatment of Faye when he has no parental responsibility for her is criminal he has physically abused her and does so again when he grabs her phone and computer.
I just wish Faye would dump him in it with social services who already seem to be having doubts about Anna's adoption of Faye with Owen on the scene.
It looks as if Faye would be better off with her father than Anna and Owen.
The Fiz/Tyrone affair just totally destroyed the domestic abuse story line I can't understand what Collinson was thinking when he came up with this crap.

Glenda Young said...

Never mind Free Tyrone, I thikn we should start a Bring Back Eddie campaign!

Anonymous said...


~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Hero: tie between Carla and Peter. Peter for defending Tyrone's actions to Carla. But what I loved most about that scene was the way you could see Carla's opinion was obviously tainted by what she went through with the rape (having a skewed view of men) and when Peter set her straight, she kissed him as if to say "thank you".

And Carla for placing herself between Fiz and Julie, Eileen and Kirsty. "Three against one is it? They used to call that bullyin' when I were in school." She's always stood up for Fiz and it's great to see a bit of her feistiness back.

Thats the other great thing about Carla though; no matter what her opinion, however skewed, she never berates anyone in the street. Unlike many others, Leanne, Tracy, Stella, Julie, Eileen, Sally etc etc.

Villain: Eileen and Julie. Turning on Fiz after all these years is just disgraceful. They have no idea what friendship is and it has turned me off of the both of them in recent weeks. Which is a shame as I normally quite like Eileen.


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