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Monday 25 February 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 25 February

Whose side are viewers on? Gail is understandably distressed and perhaps the truth will out at some point, so it might be better to tell the truth now. Then again, Kylie deeply regrets having slept with Nick. If  David finds out or is told, it might destroy his and Kylie's marriage and possibly Nick and Leanne's too.

Up to now, Audrey is unaware of the problem and is doing her damnedest to pull the family together despite Gail's huge betrayal with Lewis. 'Whatever you think of Kylie, Gail, she is David's wife.' Then, with abundant good sense, she says: 'It's up to us to help her through it all'.

Kylie does seem to have matured and the enormity of the possible consequences  of her night with Nick seem to have profoundly affected her. She is altogether more sober, in both senses of the word, and now recognises the pricelessness of her family. She's come a long way since we first laid eyes on her when she made even her sister Becky appear stable.

David is enraged with his mother and  demands an apology which Gail cannot give. As she says to Sally, if he knew what she knows it might not be her who he was throwing out. A stay at Sally's can do no harm. Sally asks Gail to think of all the people it will hurt if she reveals the truth. 'If you keep the secret, you keep them,' says Sally  The secret though is out. Sally now knows and the writers surely won't let that go nowhere.

The whole Anna, Owen, Faye and Faye's dad story rolls on but it is becoming rather repetitive. There'll be a development soon hopefully. Might Faye take a train to Leeds where her dad is working?   .

Tracy was in good form tonight as the wicked witch of Weatherfield. Eva is a recent target of Tracy's and tonight she asks Eva if, 'being single makes your ears more sensitive'. Having thrown away her job, Eva arrives at The Rovers declaring that one of these days she's actually going to kill Tracy Barlow.

Eva is down on her luck at the moment, but Eric is trying to give her back a sense of self-worth. A naive view maybe, but it seems that Eric's intentions are honorable and he does feel a connection with Eva, while recognising that Gloria has no love for him, just his bank account. Gloria is one in a long line of gold diggers it seems and Eric is weary of them. Eva puts herself down and Eric tells her to stop, saying, 'That way madness lies', a quotation from King Lear, the first Shakespearean quotation of the evening. When Stella attacks Eva for the possible plan to accompany Eric on his travels, Eva points out that she listens to Eric. 'I don't just hear white noise and use him as a cash point'.

As Eric wanders into the bar, Mandy notices Eric is not looking too good and brings him a brandy. His earlier comment, 'If you're very quiet you'll hear my arteries hardening', comes to mind at this point.  Mary finds Eric commanding and likens him to an octogenarian Mr Darcy. Sylvia decides to regale Eric with her experience of cruises and advises him to take baggy pants as he'll balloon. No baggy pants are necessary for Eric as he has now departed this Earth. We may well soon see human greed at its most vile as Eric's money's destination may not be as clear cut as his own. Mary tells her companions that she is 'very much at home with death', as she had a Saturday job in a funeral parlour.

Lloyd tells Mandy that Flash has died - in fact he tells her that Eric is not the only one who has 'shuffled off this mortal coil' today'- a quotation from Hamlet this time. All human life and death is here.

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Anonymous said...

Two things, it seems to me. First, Kylie's pregnancy became news about the first week of January, perhaps the second. She and David had been trying to conceive with arguments about birth control. Presumably she finally gave in and gave up the birth control. She slept with Nick on Christmas, so in, basically, two weeks "knew" she was pregnant. Now I'm sure Nick's are fine swimmers, but I don't think anyone knows in two or three weeks that they're definitely pregnant. Besides, if she finally "knew" it makes more sense (at least to this viewer) that the pregnancy results from David's swimmers as they had been trying for much longer, and I believe it's more realistic to realize actual pregnancy after three or four weeks. Anyway, just a plot device, I guess. Second, Gail sure didn't stay "devastated" for very long, simply picked up her usual nastiness within a day or two of her "tragedy". How can she really believe Lewis was "in love" with her at all, let alone betray her own mother and believe she was just too attractive for Lewis to resist?

Anonymous said...

The producers are rushing this pregnancy story for some reason...maybe because it SUCK..who knows? I am hoping they have something better in mind as far as Faye getting one up on Owen...setting him up to get hurt or something really evil...bwahhahh.
Eva..she's become wallpaper-either do something with her or send her packing. Tracy..WTF is the point of this character...anyone???

Janice said...

I enjoyed Eva shoving Tracy against the wall. But why did she stop? And why didn't Michelle come to Eva;s defense ? She hates Tracy more than anyone and witnessed the baiting from Tracy.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not sure what was worse yesterday - Tracy's gummy sneer or Vile Gail and that bulldog sucking a wasp face! Whatever I certainly do not want to see it in 3D!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Eva you let another life change escape. Pawn that necklace quickly and get yourself a passport and head off to see where the road will take you. Sorry but Gloria was so wooden why? Miss Tracy what was that sneer on the face - sounded like 5 year olds in kindergarten calling for Teacher, teacher she pushed me and Beth saying Eva a bully - Eva a bully reallY? ive had the attack of the school girl bully experience and believe me little Eva is a pussy cat.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh I so wanted Eva to plant one on that vile sneering face of Tracy's!


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