Saturday, 21 April 2018

Corrie Comicals Mon 16 - Fri 20 2018

Once again looking at the lighter side of Coronation Street to remind ourselves that not everything is gloomy and dark.

Monday was dominated by revelations - Rana and Kate in bed which once revealed in the environs  of the Rovers enabled Jenny Connor to observe, as we see above:

"It is the 21st Century.  You are allowed to say the word "lesbian" in public".

The other revelation was of course the tonsil hockey games between Ali and Carla, which led to the abandonment of dinner chez Michelle and an explanation of Jenny's later slightly drunker behaviour (christened "Bradleyed" elsewhere on the internet) as she gets up to leave the dinner table she tells Johnny "I missed lunch for this".

Jenny seemed to get the pick of the lines on Monday so we will move on to later in the week!  For those who want to know it the password to the wifi in the cafe is IcedFinger1997.

Talking of Roy's Rolls there was discussion of a secret pudding for Monday over which Shona was accused of making a mountain out of a moment and was a bit surprised as we can see.

Within seconds Shona hit back with the acute observation that she did not realise anyone under the age of 30 actually knew what a landline was for when Ali phoned the cafe's phone; then she carried on to accuse Carla of "not" being a cradle snatcher.  The mystery pudding turned out to be the infamous Manchester Tart; which certainly wiped any hint of a smile off of Carla's face!

Continuing the tarts theme, out on the Street Moira (talking to Liz) [and courtesy of scriptwriter Debbie Oates] refers to the Kate and Rana living room activity as "shenanigans" observing that if she is capable of that sort of activity then she is fit enough for work!

However the funniest laugh in our house this week came from the following:

As you can see Max said to Shona that "She's (Gail) washing the pots for Roy".  However in our house what we thought Max said was "She's watching the pots dry"!  So rewind and turn on the subtitles.  We are sorry the writers did not use our interpretation.

I should be writing the Friday episode review - it will be along a little later.  I hope you are enjoying this little comic diversions!


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Anonymous said...

I'm having another 'is it me?' moment. I didn't find any of these moments/lines funny. This isn't comedy.

Anonymous said...

No, me neither. Anything with Moira in isn't funny, it's just cringe

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