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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 18 April, 8.30pm

There are two massive storylines on Corrie at the moment. One is setting the internet alight, the other is a bit boring already. Carla and her former best buddy, Michelle remain at loggerheads. And it is a tad boring, to be honest.

Poor Rana, determined to be dutiful packs the car, so that she can fly to Pakistan and support her mother, as her aunt is Ill. 

Kate sees her off, but something does not seem right. Mum barely remembers the hospital and she asks Rana to put her phone in the glove compartment. Thank god for Yasmeen who has her suspicions! This wonderful character has come into her own lately, and Shelley King plays her with so much compassion, understanding and empathy. 

Meanwhile Michelle has found out Robert is using steroids. She is upset but because the messenger is Carla, she seems more angry about her old pal's recent transformation into Mrs Robinson from The Graduate. Particularly, as her latest daliance is with Ali, her son who was swapped at birth. 

The 'Free Anna Windass' campaign is going great guns. Daniel, the part time Clark Kent -films supporters at the cafe and Eileen walks in to her name mentioned. 

Michelle is still angry and when Robert prepares a hearts and flowers approach to being found out, she responds carefully, instead of falling for it. She has become a really moody character and I would love to see her have some fun again. I realise this story is important, I just feel she has had her fair share of misery. 

Eileen helps the supporters by sending them to Phelan's yard and asks Nicola and Seb to move in with her. Eileen is relieved that she has Nicola's support. But with Phelan still alive, this ain't over yet. 

Kate tells Rana that her ticket is one way. And soon it is clear she is being kidnapped and flown out to Pakistan on a one way ticket. Her brother is upset and ashamed of them. And Rana is rescued and taken back to the street. As I said early, thank heaven for Yasmeen. 

Michelle listens to Robert but her world has been rocked now by three people she loves. All very emotive, but It is time there was some calm for Michelle. I know this is a soap but there is so much drama directed at her, It becomes stale really quickly. 

Eileen is seen onto TV, as Daniel's Daily Planet style footage has been beamed onto the local news. And guess who is watching? Phelan, and he checks out of his heartbreak hotel, dead set on revenge! 

A cracking episode tonight, as it had a great deal packed onto 30 minutes. The viewing figures are up and this storyline with Rana is important and it has more than online buzz. People who have had similar experiences can now talk about it. 


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Abercrombie said...

Is it just me who feels wildly irritated at the character Michelle? What in heck's name is she so mad about regarding Ali and Carla? They're not related, she never spoke of Alex, or wish to see him in years and now she wants attention from him. "I want him at my wedding" "He's My son", "Why won't he speak to me?". My sympathies lie in the Ali camp. She just wasn't available, so busy was she lording it over everyone, she didn't give her son a second thought.Who could like her whining, selfish, self serving ways, boasting about her sexual exploits with dull Rob the secret stud. Grrr....

Anonymous said...

Spot on Abercrombie! Michelle has alwasys got on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Abercrombie, it's not just you! Michelle gets on my nerves as well. As a Canadian viewer we have not yet been subjected to this storyline and I am not looking forward to it at all. As I record all my eppies, I shall be fastforwarding through Michelle's drama.

Anonymous said...

jeanie: Come on, poor Michelle! I'm finding it's more the combination of Michelle and Carla that's getting tiresome. They look like botoxed clones of each other--in their tight black clothes, black high heels, black flared coats, ironed straight long dark hair, identical make up (except for the eyeliner). Both over-emoting and frantically gesticulating at little or nothing. Their feud comes across as so artificial and all the hand waving and dramatic shrieking while dressed in black is doing little to make it seem genuine or interesting. Even visually they're BORING!

Cobblestone said...

Eileen asked DEV to move in with her?!? Bloody hell, I must have missed that bombshell!

Anonymous said...

Nichelle has always been irritating and all about her! Everything is dramatic and annoying and loud.
She has not mentioned Ryan in over a year and it has been even longer for Alex.
There was no mention of inviting either to her wedding until Alex showed up at the medical center and now she must have him there! What about Ryan? no mention of his having to be at the wedding!
SHe is as dull as dishwater...heck she even brought Cierian down when they were together. time to be rid off.

popcorn said...

Can't stand Michelle either. She was dreadful with Steve too. And possibly the worst mother on the street (given that Cilla and Tyrone's Mum are no longer there). She is either shrieking or vacantly absent.

abbyk said...

Michelle sucks the life out of every story she touches. Yes, it’s gross that Carla would even consider anything but coffee with Ali; age, distant cousins, aunt by marriage, bffs son, take your pick, they all have an ick factor. Add in a dash of Michelle and poof, instant cringe story.

Re: Kana, I am no fan of the couple but liked the thwarted kidnapping. Would have liked it better if Rana had simply been involved with Alya instead of cheating on Z or if Kana had any actual chemistry, but, you know, dramatics. More Imran and Yasmeen, please. Maybe Imran and Nicola, too? They’re both smart, educated, capable and nice. Divorced Muslim boy meets Jewish daughter of Catholic murderer with a ginger baby on board, what could go wrong?

coconno196 said...

abbyk: I'm with you all the way 😁

Anonymous said...

Very funny abbyk

Louby said...

I also can't bear Michelle. The previous posts have pretty much summed up why! I am enjoying Carla's rappearance though, but when she's with Roy is best. Michelle and Robert, it wasn't long ago she was faking a burglary because they were about to go bankrupt, they bounced back from that quickly!

Corn Flake said...

So not a fan of Michelle either. It always "oh woes me". Also, why do they always dress her like a harlot? For real.. Put on some credible business or street clothing already.

SuzInToronno said...

I had so much fun watching that episode! I was cheering on Yasmeen as she zoomed down the street, picking up Kate on the way, ready to save the day! It was grea! A good ol' fashioned chase scene. Too bad they interrupted the fun every two minutes with the who-cares storyline of Robert and Michelle. :>/

I've never liked Michelle and I can't understand why the Corrie peeps do. She's simply not a likeable character. When she's not crying, she standing there with that Judgie McJudgeface attitude. I wish she'd just go away.

Ruth owen said...

Love your comment abbyk! Laughed out loud.

Ruth owen said...

Haha! Judgie McJudgie!

I see you’re from Toronto. I was there last year and LOVED it.


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