Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Weds 18 April

Wednesday 18th April

RANA TRIES TO FIX THINGS WITH HER FAMILY Zeedan is furious that Alya has blown apart his and Rana’s sham marriage. Meanwhile Alya tells Kate she needs to find somewhere else to live. Rana’s mother calls at number 6 and says she has to go to Pakistan to be with her dying sister but Rana’s father won’t go with her as he is so angry about what has happened. In a bid to try win her mum round Rana offers to go with her.
CARLA THROWS MICHELLE WITH A BOLT FROM THE BLUE Michelle is not taking Carla’s calls. Carla confronts Robert in the Bistro and he confirms he is still talking steroids. When Michelle sees Carla in the street she has another go at her about Ali but Carla stuns her with the news that Robert is taking steroids.
EILEEN HAS AN ALLY Nicola calls round and Eileen breaks down insisting she knew nothing about what Phelan was up to. Nicola says she believes her and would like her to be a part of the baby’s life.
ELSEWHERE Daniel plans a press campaign to try and secure Anna’s release from prison.

Wednesday 18th April

THE RACE IS ON TO RESCUE RANA Yasmeen is suspicious of Rana’s mother’s story and asks Imran to check with his family in Pakistan if his aunt is ill. When Imran discovers there is no truth in it Yasmeen, Kate, Imran and Zeedan set off to try and stop Rana boarding the flight. Will they be in time to save Rana?
MICHELLE CONFRONTS ROBERT Furious at his lies Michelle confronts Robert over the steroids, he assures he has has given them up but can she believe him.
NICOLA GETS THROUGH TO EILEEN Nicola tells Eileen she should back the campaign to free Anna. Eileen refuses saying she is too ashamed. Can Nicola convince her? Eileen tells Nicola and Tim that she wants Gary to run the builders yard and employ Seb.
ELSEWHERE When Sinead complains about the lack of space at home Daniel suggests she move in with him. But is it too soon for Sinead.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anna is in prison because od her husband's lies and Eileen who is free is 'too ashamed' to help her?!
After Eileen refused to heed Anna's warnings about Phelan,I think the least Eileen could do is back Daniel's campaign to free Anna otherwise Eileen is a selfish cow allowing one of Phelan's victims to suffer for something she did not do.

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